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Ever wondered why Ewes are called NUMBER 9?

A stunning number 9

Let me tell you a story… The first beauty contest thus Miss Ghana pageant organized by the Social welfare with support from Ghana’s first president , Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on the 4th March 1957 saw contestants from all over the regions in the country, it happened that the contestant from the Volta region Miss Monica Amekuefia (from Alavanyo) was the 9th contestant with the serial number 9, she had unique/outstanding ways of performing her task assigned to her as a result catching the attention of the whole Ghana (especially with her Ewe accent).

With this every Ghanaian was anxious to see the task contestant number 9 would perform and how perfect and interesting its gonna be as she mounts the stage, she became the talk of town during the first Miss Ghana contest.

Since most Ewes speak with the same accent, it became a house hold name for them… it was such an interesting time in Ghana as even Ewes called their fellow Ewes Number 9.

This story is to bring to light the positive aspects of the name number 9
Its never derogatory but rather a great historical piece.

Shout outs to all Ewes mehnnnnnn, you guys rock!!!!!!!!
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