NO MORE GOWN! Meghan Wearing Beanie Outside Marks New Era

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry aren’t at Windsor Castle anymore, a fact proven by their recent choice of headgear.

Just days after the couple resigned from their royal duties in favor of a more low-key lifestyle in Vancouver, Canada, both Harry and Meghan were spotted participating in “normal” activities: Markle went for a hike in the woods with Archie and their two four-legged friends, Oz and Guy. Harry flew commercial… and carried his own bag off the plane (shocking, I know). But if the duo’s new lifestyle isn’t sign enough that a new era has begun, their casual beanies totally are.

Before we examine Meghan and Harry’s respective winter accessories, though, it’s important to first take a look back at their beginnings. It was October of 2016; Prince Harry was giving his new girlfriend, then-Suits actress Meghan Markle, a tour of his hometown. Highly publicized paparazzi photos of the date documented the couple sporting a now-familiar set of matching beanies.

Of course, when you’re attending charity galas and polo matches on any given Tuesday, you can’t exactly show up wearing a regular old beanie. But now that Meghan and Harry have started fresh as non-royals, meaning that they can do whatever they want and wear whatever they want, it seems that they’ve returned to their old sartorial ways: wearing beanies, that is.

Markle’s cap of choice was a hunter green slouchy style courtesy of Madewell, which she paired with a long-sleeved black workout top, leggings, and lace-up hiking boots. Harry recycled a navy blue beanie that he’s been spotted in before, wearing it this time with a black puffer coat and jeans during his trans-Atlantic flight from the UK to Vancouver.

And since winter’s only just begun, we’re predicting a long season of beanie action from the once-royal couple. Join them in celebrating their newfound fashion freedom by shopping the four Meghan Markle-approved beanies.

Source: yahoo

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