FADDA DICKSON: Body of a Mortal, Heart of a god

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

The celebration of another milestone for the man, affectionately tagged as Fadda Dickson, is here – and with what has become a phenomenon, there would be an inundation of well wishes, reverence, and appellations thrown at him from every corner of the world.

The undeniable fact that hovers this celebration is that, majority of the persons and groupings that send adulatory messages to the man are true to their words. Each one of them has been touched by the inestimable influence of Dr. Fadda Dickson Narh; a gentleman who assumes the diminutive body of a mere mortal but has a heart of a deity.


Despite Media Group, as a conglomerate, is the biggest media establishment in the country – arguably, and that story cannot be written, told and shared without the critical mention of Fadda Dickson.

Approbation to the muscles behind the brand; business moguls – Dr. Osei Kwame and Dr. Ofori Sarpong, whose legend have transcended boundaries. However, the real McCoy is Fadda Dickson!

He is the pivot; playing the essential role in ensuring that the Despite Group has remained the most relevant, most consistent and most proficient in the last decades.


Fadda Dickson’s dexterity in his oversight of six (6) proven firms – Peace FM, OKAY FM, Hello FM, Neat FM, UTV and the portal, www.peacefmonline.com – has been overly exceptional.

His exemplary skills in management and leadership give an impression that he had the innate gift – considering how he effortlessly steer the affairs at the Group.

Over the years, he’s garnered such proficiency in media marketing strategies that has over the years, detected and capitalized opportunities in the growing media, advertising and branding marketplace.

In 1999, when the Despite Media Group was birthed via Peace 104.3FM, under a heap of detraction – he was there, as the Director, Finance and Administration, a position he held remarkably for years.

Under his stellar guidance, direction and management, Peace FM defied all odds at the time to become the most-listened-to radio station in the country, a plaudit that has pertained for such a long time.

The success of Peace FM was parlayed into the establishment of the Hello FM in Kumasi, www.peacefmonline.com, OKAY FM, Neat FM and United Television, all in Accra.


His brilliance in media management and marketing cannot be overemphasized. His creative power and intellect to take risk, effect change and project brands have been grand. Many still marvel at his level of understanding and delivery in media and marketing strategies.

Almost every idea, initiative and project touched, directed and managed by Fadda turns to gold. Under his watch, there have been groundbreaking radio and television programming and projects linked to the Despite Media Group.

For the past 20 years, he has discovered, nurtured, managed and projected personalities under the Despite Media Group, who are now popular, powerful and influential persons in the society. The respective careers and business standing of many persons in the media can be attributed to the genius of Fadda Dickson.

The brainiac has steadily climbed the corporate ladder and currently serves as the Managing Director of the Despite Media Group – deservedly!


Fadda complements his genial smile with such a benevolent spirit. Thousands of people, those who work with him, under him or otherwise can all attest to his level of generosity and compassion.

The man simply gives without blinking – and his big-heartedness and open-handedness have touched, saved and sustained lives and businesses.

No one walks into his Offices with a problem and comes out the same – and when he cannot readily aid the situation, he will recommend and direct you to who ever can offer that help. Even those who waltz into his premises without any form of worry are sorted.


Smugness and pomposity have never been attributes of Fadda Dickson. He is affable, approachable, with no illusions and pretensions. He is practical and realistic!

He has never been selfish with the knowledge and skill acquired as he is always willing to teach and guide his workers, from On-Air Presenters to Producers, Directors, Writers, Marketers and to even the Janitors.

To him, every individual under his oversight counts as no one or form of work is regarded meaningless. Every unit and personality that puts in work for the Despite Group is important and accorded teachings and guidance.

What’s more? He is a listener!

He is not a dictator in imposing his ideas and will on the job – as his gives room for others to share their opinions and thoughts as he always provides a listening ear; a quality that solidifies his leadership skill.


The legendary status of Fadda Dickson has not and cannot be in doubt. He wholly deserves every laurel presented to him over the years – and he has a deluge of them, including the honour of Most Outstanding CEO in Media Management at Ghana Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives Awards 2019.

Others are the 2017 Exclusive Men of the Year Media Excellence Award and the 20196 Radio &Television Personality Award for Excellence in Radio Management among a plethora of other awards.

In 2018, he was honoured with a doctorate degree by the Alfred Nobel University, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in Ukraine.

The doctorate degree was bestowed on Fadda Dickson as a recognition and celebration of his contribution to the development of radio and television industries in Ghana.

His nomination was approved by the management of Confederation of Governance Assessment Institute (COGAI), the body empowered to recommend people for doctorate degree, under the auspices of Ukraine Ministry of Education and Bureau of Research on Governance, Commerce and Administration (BORGCA).


Intriguingly, he lives a life outside the spotlight but has such a buoyant lifestyle. In his quest to keep away from the cameras, he has been able to also keep his family out of public scrutiny.

He is married to Kate Dickson Narh and they have two lovely boys; Irvine Kofi Narh and Fadda Dickson Narh Jnr.

– – – –


Kennedy Osei

Abigail Ashley

Osei Korankye Asiedu (KOKA)

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