There Is No Happily Ever After! Here Are Inevitable Issues No One Warns Singles About In Marriage

This talks about the pitfalls every young and intending single should prepare for in marriage. At least not in the context of never having problems and issues in the future.

One of the most blissful ideas in the world is waking up beside the person you love, for the rest of ones life. This often culminates in marriage and many young people jumping the broom and saying “I do”, thinking it will all turn to bliss and romance forever.

This however, is not the case as there are many inevitable issues that need to be sorted along the way. Like it or not, marriage requires the hardiest and most resilient people to make it work, irrespective of the love involved.
This has to do with the issues that you need to prepare for in marriage. They are inevitable and in no way reflect lack of love or deterioration of the relationship.

The issues in marriage no one warns singles about include:

1. More frequent boring Sex: Let’s face it. The sex cannot always be as explosive and mind blowing as it was when you both were single. Sometimes the rigors of work and other responsibilities make it hard to focus enough to have proper sex.
As a matter of fact, in the light of responsibilities, one’s partner might become more and more disinterested in the act of lovemaking and this will greatly affect the relationship.
Boring sex is something every couple has to work on at some point or the other and considering how children sometimes make it increasingly difficult to have sex to one’s heart desire, adequate time has to set aside to it.


2. The Love might seem cold: This is another issue every couple has to deal with as time has a way of making it seem like you both are less in love than you once were. Every single has to prepare for a time like this and properly engage and get creative in the marriage when the time comes so as to nullify this coldness in the union.

3.You will miss being single: Truth about marriage is that it involves a commitment that can sometimes be unbearable. It does not mean one loves their spouse less, it just means they wish they could do some things only single people want to do like stay out late.

4. You will still get attracted to other people: Being married requires a lot of self-control to stay faithful. It does not automatically mean you will not find others attractive, it just means you have to consider the feelings of your partner more and stay faithful through out the relationship, no matter what.

5. Overfamiliarity: This comes as a result of spending a lot of time with someone. Suddenly they are no longer as exciting as they once were. This is because you are now used to all they have to offer and can almost predict them. Every couple faces this at one point in marriage or the other. You need to get creative in order to maintain the passion in the relationship. This is when the initial emotions have burnt out and conscious effort is needed to sustain the marriage.


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