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NEEDFUL! 6 Sex Positions To Boost Your Intimacy With Your Partner

There’s no question that certain sex positions facilitate higher levels of emotional intimacy.

These positions allow a couple to go beyond their sensory experience, intensifying the intimacy of their encounters and imbuing them with emotional meaning. is pleased to enlighten you!

1.Woman On Top

A man lying down with the woman on top can be a vulnerable position for both lovers, this creates emotional intimacy. He must rely on her decisions, while she is bared and exposed for his perusal. This is ideal for lots of touching and intimate caresses.

2.Hold Me


In this position the man holds the woman as if she’s just jumped into his arms. With her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck, this loving position is conducive to slow movements, passionate kisses and romantic swaying.

3.Enhanced Missionary

The missionary position is already intimate, with faces close and full-body contact. To enhance the emotional intimacy, the man can hold the woman’s butt or move his legs to the outside of hers to more fully envelop her body.



Although there is no eye contact in spooning, this sex position creates intense emotional connectedness as the man protectively cradles the woman with his entire body. It’s also a wonderful position for touching, squeezing, rubbing and even hand-holding.

5. Stomach to stomach.

Stomach to stomach is yet another sex position that allows full body contact and encourages staring into each other’s eyes during the intercourse. Naturally, a great deal of kissing and touching is also a common aspect of this position.

6. Flat doggy-style.

Lie flat on your stomach and have your partner enter you from behind, lying flat against you. This gives you that physical contact you crave, and your partner the ability to kiss (or nibble) your shoulders and the back of your neck.

By Deborah Kotei

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