10 Pregnancies – Miscarriages, Still-Births & Finally, 3 Baby Boys: Whitney Shares Her Story!

By Whitney Boakye-Mensah

I remember the day so well, a sunny afternoon in November, hubby had left for work, and I still had the ‘new bride glow’, sorting out stuff when I felt a warm trickle down my legs.

I was bleeding; I was 4 and half months pregnant. Bleeding was not part of the equation and my first instinct was to call hubby, who told me to rush to the nearest clinic close to home, where I usually go.

I felt every bump on the road in the taxi on my way there. A scan was done when I got there and immediately I heard the Doctor signal something to the nurse, I asked if my baby was okay – he said there was no heart beat, and I was clotting thick and fast.

Hubby called to assure me he was on in his way. I was crying, told him they said no heart beat, just like that, I was rushed into the theatre/Labor ward.  They wanted to do a D&C to take it out, but the scan showed he was an almost full-blown human.

I had to be induced to birth him; painful, hurtful, all for nothing!

The sad thing about some Ghanaian hospitals is that, they think they are helping you by taking the fetus/ baby immediately, so you do not grieve. I never got closure, but I had a husband who held me, hugged, and I cried it out.

Our first tragedy; we went on to endure 5 more miscarriages and another still-birth. How we survived, only God knows.

God has a way of bringing into your life, the person you need to hold your hand – mine is my hubby.

Such things have a way of affecting your lives; the questions, the judgment from strangers and people you used to call friends. The funniest I heard was that, we both were sex addicts and the sex was killing our babies.

People have no decorum. Everyone felt they had an opinion about our lives and the saddest I heard was how my hubby was ready to marry a new woman to give him children.

End of Part 1



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