10 Pregnancies – Miscarriages, Still-Births & Finally, 3 Baby Boys: PART 3(Final)

Proud Mum

It’s amazing how God works; exactly 37 weeks after that, our first miracle arrived, it took another 6 years of people asking when number two will arrive.

Our son was growing up without a sibling, and one day, my heart broke, when my son came home with an assignment about families and siblings, and his classmates were teasing him about having no sibling – he was hurt!

I told him, that one day, it will happen! I remember how every morning we prayed about it and he was very specific in his prayer, he wanted a brother he can play ball with.

We endured two more miscarriages before our second miracle arrived; another boy!

Nine (9) months on, God has an amazing sense of humor, and knows how to let his goodness and mercies manifest. A third boy was on its way, a baby we call, ‘Miracle’!

I was sick for 35 weeks, I kept losing weight, I had ketones, my cervix opened, I lost blood, our tiny miracle and I fought for our lives after a near-death experience.

By the grace of God, Baby Miracle, our third blessing came, a gorgeous boy.

Quite typical, we have been asked if we rue the feeling of not having a girl. Oh, considering all we’ve been through, people still find stuff to talk about!

I found my purpose, as God’s advocate first, as an advocate and source of comfort for women going through similar experiences; as a wife, mother, after God’s heart and as a friend!

Dear couples going through the hard road of having no baby; know that you have a purpose – be each other’s friend.

It is easier when you are united against the world. When you are depressed, talk about it, do not feel ashamed to find help, live your life to the fullest, hate not, envy not, and give your worries to God!

A tigress, who has earned her stripes!


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