Wrong Turn: They Made A Bad Move?

The world of show business is full of uncertainties; one moment you are up, the next moment, you down – one moment, you are being celebrated, the next moment, you are being vilified. It is such an unpredictable field to work in where one decision can either make you or mess you up. Over the years, some industrious musicians who used to be on top have made some critical decisions which may have affected them in several ways;

1. Promzy


His decision to drop out of the legendary group, VIP seemed surreal until an uninspiring tune with Nigerian Terry G featured only the other two founding members confirmed his exit from the group. His exit from the group was shocking because of how loyal and committed he has been to the group. He was the fulcrum of the trio; exhibiting so much fervor, zeal and enthusiasm anytime he was in the midst of the group, whether on stage or off-stage.
Without any shred of doubt, Promzy was the face of the group. His decision to quit has hurt the group in all aspects; there’s no vibrancy in their music, there’s a new shift to the quintessential VIP sound and on stage, the remaining two look lost – but; the one person hurting more is Promzy. He is not visible, he is not mentioned and lack of visibility and lack of recognition in show business means a trip to oblivion and that’s where Promzy is heading – unfortunately.

2. Afriyie

It is an unequivocal fact that Afriyie of Wutah fame is heavily talented – a trait that was seen and endorsed during and after the Wutah run. With Wutah, the group had a big fan base, enthralling music lovers with their sound that varied from reggae, highlife, and afro beat. Their huge following ensured that they won lucrative endorsement deals along the way but; despite the enviable success – the duo decided to split, much to the chagrin of loving fans and music critics.
Pee Vee of Wutah became Afriyie and in spite of the rebranding and all the quality tunes being released as a solo artiste, Afriyie’s fame, clout, influence and following is not as encouraging as they were, even as one member of Wutah.
His heartfelt confession of missing his former band member, Wutah Kobby, tells of an artiste who misses the very good run enjoyed by the group.

3. Asem


Asem and Richie were a formidable force when they worked together under the Lnyx Entertainment Label. As a producer-artiste unit; the chemistry, camaraderie, understanding and delivery worked tremendously for Asem. With Richie is his corner and overseeing his productions, Asem was on top of the musical food chain; back to back hit songs , big shows , awards and endorsements deals beckoned him. Although, the Kwabena Kwabena-assisted’ Bye Bye’ track was God-sent, Asem has floundered to achieve nation-wide recognition as he enjoyed during his days with Richie and Lynx.
The worse thing is that; the two parted ways acrimoniously, making it difficult for them to cook any more magic to elevate him back to the high echelons of Ghana music.

4. Richie


As young as he is; Richie can be argued to deserve a lifetime achievement award for single-handedly creating the platform for artistes like Asem, Eazzy, Irene Logan, Zigi, OJ Black, Okyeame Kwame and now, Ms Vee to blossom.
As an enterprising producer and artiste, Richie lags behind producers like Killbeatz, Mix Master Garzy, Lazio Beats, Kaywa and others when it comes to influence and consistency and as an artiste, he is virtually non-existent.
When Lynx was a unit, it had a roster of budding artistes who gave Richie the freedom and creative hands to exploit and explore different productions for all of his artistes; and it gave him the inspiration and motivation to pursue such a great solo career. Again, his telepathy with Asem on his solo joints did great, but his inability to hold the label and the label mates together caused his dwindling fortunes in music until Ms Vee came along.

5. Praye Tenten


The Praye group looked solid for years until purported greed, misunderstanding and the desire for individual success over that of the group ensured its collapse. Under Praye, Tenten was visible and looked like the most visible and most vocal amongst the three – but after the break-up, he is not visible and obviously not heard.
His infamous decision to record a solo joint while the group was together without the knowledge of the other members and his antics which attracted negative headlines for the group resulted in his sacking.
Praye Tenten’s belief that he was ready to go solo and his misconception that he had some following to support his solo career backfired. He could have easily apologized to his mates, renewed his commitment to the group and ensured that it enjoyed more success and plaudits.


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