WIFE OF A CELEB! Tips For Stonebwoy’s Wife

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

Artistes having problems with their managers happens almost all the time in the entertainment space across the world and this time, it is right here in Ghana with speculations of a rift between Stonebwoy and his manager, Blakk Cedi.

Apart from the fact these guys are so close and seem to have a strong bond that transcends business and a possible breakup could elicit some level of shock, it is nothing new.

However, it is bad that another ‘innocent’ party is being roped into all the theories that are said to shroud whatever disagreements exist.

Stonebwoy’s wife, the beautiful Dr. Louisa Satekla, has found herself entangled in all the conjecture purported to be coming from the BHIM Nation fraternity, and as usual, the mainstream media and the blogging fraternity are running with which is unsubstantiated and unverified!

Dr. Louisa, for some reason (s), is succumbing to the pressure by responding to some of the tabloids so here, I present to her some unsolicited guidelines on how to cope with the extremities of being in the limelight.

She has just three options on how to handle these tips; appreciate them, take some or dump all in the trash bin!

When you are in the picture

Dr. Louisa is not new to the limelight; she’s been here before, winning several awards at her graduation at KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology) as a medical student.

However, being attached to a high-profile artiste is a way bigger spotlight. She has been in the picture as her hubby shares beautiful photos of her, their babies, their holidays etc. on social media.

However, she must know that once she is in the public space, she has opened herself up to the prowling eyes of the media, fans and the haters. And especially when social media has accorded ordinary people the opportunity to express their opinions on the handles of these stars, she also opens herself up to scrutiny and trolling.

There’s always a price that comes with stardom and that’s the loss of privacy. She has a choice; to either stay out of the picture or be in it – and regardless of which decision she makes, she still deserves to be happy in maneuvering her way through the space of prominence.

Develop thick skin

When you are directly or indirectly attached to a celebrity like the case of Stonebwoy’s wife, you are open to tabloid news, both true and untrue.

Dr. Louisa has been mentioned as one of the reasons her hubby and Blakk Cedi are having problems. She has become the subject of incessant talk on the matter, on blogs, entertainment shows and social media.

It may seem unfair to rope her into such a ‘mess’, especially if she is innocent, minding her business and just supporting her husband, as she is expected to; but this is nothing new; to be caught in the fray when your spouse is the star.

When you are involved with a celebrity like Stonebwoy and you are also in the picture, it is imperative to have the mindset of a celebrity who understands the craft and all the shenanigans that come with it. It is crucial to have that thick skin to withstand all the negativity that comes with being in the limelight.

Be that support system

Stonebwoy is a musician who gets to go through all the frustrations an artiste has to go through, especially in a haphazard industry like ours.

He is that star that is sometimes riled about how unsupportive the media is to his cause. He is that star who goes on tour and is always booked for gigs. He is that guy who grabs the spotlight, which can be so bright, it blinds.

After all is said and done, he home needs that strong support system and Dr. Louisa needs to be that system!

Candidly, Stonebwoy, in spite of all his good attributes of being respectful, humble and affable can also be temperamental and confrontational. When he gets into such moods, one would expect another person close to him to make him mellow – and that is the wife.

It is definitely not a good look to have both hubby and wife become temperamental in the face of bad publicity and trolling.

Take control

When it comes to show business, some critics question the influence of spouses in the careers of their partners.

The business of Stonebwoy is the business of the wife, so; it is appropriate and prudent for her to be inquisitorial about the business.

She must be interested in the happiness or otherwise of her hubby, be interested in the songs produced, endorsements deals that are signed and their negotiations, plus, she must also be interested in the gigs and the touring her husband undertakes.

In essence, Dr. Louisa must ensure that the lifetime investments of the hubby are safe and protected. The sanity and welfare of the artiste is her responsibility and by all means necessary, she must do whatever it takes to ensure that the interests of Stonebwoy, in all endeavours, come first.

However, in all this, there are some limitations on how far her interest in the business of her hubby can go. If she wants to get into management of the artiste, it is permissible but she must know that, it comes with its own setbacks – one of such is taking the tension and disagreements in the boardroom to the marital home.

Also, she is allowed to get involved in the management and business dealings of her husband, but it is important to note that she must be abreast of the rudiments of artiste management.

Observe and ignore

The gorgeous Dr. is not the first to be in this place, that is married to a famous musician and being under scrutiny. Others have been here, some are still here and with time, they have learnt how to cope.

Apologies for the comparisons but you can be in the picture; in the photos and on social media like Annica Nsiah Apau, wife of Okyeame Kwame or Lola Omotoya- Okoye, wife of Peter of P –Square; and be silent when accused of being responsible for the breakup of the music group your husband belongs to.

These ladies had every right to add to their responsibilities, the task of responding to critics, fans and the media over speculations, but they chose to observe and ignore and focus on the most important stuff.

You can also choose to get dirty like Beverly Afaglo (wife of Praye Honeho) when your husband is attacked by a critic or fan and you can be or Kim Kardashian, who will get confrontational with Taylor Swift, who has a grudge against her husband.

Such is also allowed but what it does is just to feed the blogs, critics and media with more information to feed on, which increases the level of scrutiny, unwarranted publicity and unnecessary chatter.

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