TRUTH! Not A Good Night for DKB, But Others ‘Shine’ @ Easter Comedy Show

“I do not like the vibe of the place. I do not like the energy, something is off,” were the some of the words of the acclaimed King of GH. Comedy, DKB, in what turned out to be one of the frustrating nights for the comedian.

It’s been such a longtime DKB has stayed on top of his game and it won’t be astounding if the popular comedian does not remember the last time he had a ‘bad night’ – but, happenings of yesternight gave credence to the mantra that – every performer does have a bad outing!

This portal, www.entertainmentgh.com was present at the Event Factory organized-Easter Comedy Jam and we bring you our review of the show.

It is ‘our review’ – you can agree, disagree or choose to write your own review, that’s okay, but, if you have an issue with us doing a review of the event, then you are free to go hug a transformer!


Just like many event organizers, Event Factory arranged additional chairs in anticipation of a mammoth audience but unfortunately, they may have got their calculations misplaced.

The auditorium was not filled to capacity, but with lots of festivities happening around the country, the level of patronage was okay and appreciable.

Start Time – End Time

Nothing surprising here! Show started late, almost 2 hours after advertised time and ended after 1am. At 7pm, the few patrons who were already at the auditorium had to wait at the foyer. Reason? Nobody knew. Best Guess; organizers were still putting things in place.

Technical Detail

Thankfully, there was no power cuts, not even a flicker of the lights. Trust Event Factory to pull it together with regards to the technical aspect of the show, and for the most part of the show, they did. The only drawbacks were the irritating sight of exchange of malfunctioning microphones when performances were on-going, a fluctuation of the sound and the false start of that impressive tribute to the dead comedians.

Performances – Comedy

Khemical – MC

He was very impresssive, topping the chart as one of the best performers of the night. As MC, he controlled the show quite well, and scored massively with every joke he shared. Even when he looked like almost dragging the show, he found a way of drawing laughter from the audience.

Rating: 8/10

Lekzy DeComic

The boy has grown and that growth comes with the comedy disease of sharing old jokes and Lekzy shared some old jokes of his. Regardless, he lived up to expectation and got the audience at a very good place – with bouts of laughter.

Rating: 6/10


Like Lekzy, Acapella delivered a lot of old material but interestingly, he was still able to draw lots of laughter for jokes he’s shared like twice in Ghana already. He was, as usual, one of the best performers on the night with hard-hitting punchlines.

Rating: 7/10


When given more high-profile shows, Jacinta would give these guys a run for their money, and she surely did on the night. Her sex-laden jokes were so well-received by the crowd and the make-up exercise with patrons was innovative and spot-on.

Rating: 7/10


His entry was not boisterous as usually seen and that lukewarm entrance characterized his entire set. It is unfathomable how he was, for the first time in so many years, unable to get the crowd overly excited. The sex-influenced jokes and insults-ridden material he shared did not hit home and he felt it. Credit to him; he knew he was not in his element, or maybe, the crowd was not in its element for DKB jokes; so, he made it clear to the audience that it was not working and he had to make way for another act.

Rating; 3/10


For a moment, the feeling was that, the crowd could not respond to DKB due to tiredness or boredom – maybe, but Salvador changed that perception, because, he was able to draw immense applause and laughter. His time on stage was short as compared to other comedians but his short stint was worthwhile. He delivered!

Rating; 8/10

Performance – Music

Kofi Bentil

The former leader of the Western Diamonds Band opened the show to a sparse audience and did very well. He performed some hit songs he produced as leader of the band but unfortunately, not many got the opportunity to see.

Rating: 6/10

B-Right or Whatever the Name Is

Don’t blame us, we’ve never heard of him before. The name we put up there is what we heard. He should have opened the show- simple! His performance was not remarkably, just okay. The good thing is, he performed with the live band and that’s very good for an up and coming artist.

Rating: 5/10

Ofori Amponsah

‘Pastor Alewa’ has improved with his live performance and stagecraft. He was awesome on the night, the only artist to get many patrons dancing. Unfortunately, his comeback hit, ‘Alewa’ was not well-performed, almost creating an anti-climax to what was a very impressive showing.

Rating: 7/10


The Becca last night was a vast improvement over the Becca at the VGMA. She sounded good, notes were on point, had great connection with the band and the audience. And oh, yes, she looked good too!

Rating; 7/10


Thumbs up to Event Factory and its partners for another successful event. Security, safety, comfort and general organization of the event was good.

Rating: 7.5/10

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