Stonebwoy – Kelyvn Boy ‘Fight’: Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

Hey, the ‘boys’ are fighting again – well, one is a ‘Bwoy’ and the other, ‘Boy’ but they mean the same thing, no?

Just months ago, these two were just a delight to watch on stage, with Kelyvn Boy complementing Stonebwoy’s stagecraft with such class and poise.  The synergy and professionalism the Hypes man (Kelyvn) gave the main act (Stonebwoy) was simply eclectic. Forget that, they are all memories now – fading!

Now, we have another industry beef in our hands and we would relish it as long as it lasts, albeit staying ‘healthy’.


Okay, for those who have not followed these two and the genesis of this impasse, I would encapsulate proceedings that have brought us here.

Kelyvn Boy was signed to Stonebwoy’s label and the two fell out, unfortunately, their separation was not amicable as that of Strongman and Sarkodie’s Sarkcess Label. It was fraught with subliminal shots being hurled to and from both points of interest.

Fast-track to the weekend of the 4Syte MVAs and here comes Stonebwoy to deliver a performance and he ends up throwing a shot.

Kelyvn Boy did not need an event or a TV interview to offer a response. He took his phone, ensured there was enough data and delivered salvos.

Entertainment Value

For the entertainment portals, bloggers and the gossip-hungry followers, this is news, content and something to munch on. Just take a minute to peruse these  social media handles of these blogs and you would realize the number of comments this news or beef is generating.

Pix Courtesy Rob Photography

Besides, what is a music industry without beef?

And, this is not the first and certainly not the last time we going to experience such disturbance. So, as an observer, your options are;

  1. 1.Get some drink and ‘meat pie’ and enjoy
  2. 2.Study the matter as it comes and choose a side
  3. 3.Get into the chatter by expressing your opinion
  4. 4.Sleep, without giving a hoot

I choose 3, so read on!

Who’s Right?

Stonebwoy is right, yes, he is!

He is allowed, as a performer to talk through his performances. He is also permitted to speak his mind on related subjects on self, industry and any other – and of course, he is a big man; he can throw shades as much as he wants.

Kelyvn Boy is right, yes, he is!

It is not a misdeamour to defend yourself when you feel attacked, vocally, I mean. If someone throws a shade at your direction, you are, by all means, permitted to throw some too.

Who’s Wrong?

Stonebwoy is wrong, oh yes, he is!

Please, you are a boss, so you must exhibit that level of leadership in your dealings. You must exhibit tact, maturity and professionalism in your endeavors.

This guy is no more with the label, in fact, it’s been months since you kicked him out. You kicked his a** out. Why won’t you let him just be? Why won’t you keep his ‘shade’ out of your mouth?

The reality is; you are the biggest among the two. There’s such a wide gap in your placing in the industry, both local and international than his. Why bother? Why not focus on the bigger picture; your continuous grip on the good things of the industry, your records, your gigs and your business dealings.  ‘Stay woke’, my guy!

Kelyvn Boy is wrong. Surely he is!

My brother, clearly, you don’t know when to shut up. It is not every attack or shade you readily respond to. Sometimes, muster the act of controlling your thoughts, feelings and anger.

You have been accused incessantly for your ego and arrogance and for the many who doubted your critics, you just gave credence to such accusations.

Many have professed that you won’t survive without Stonebwoy and his label. All you need to do is prove them wrong, by putting in the work – producing quality songs, mounting high profile platforms and winning. That’s how you show us you are indeed, winning, not giving out scathing responses.

My brother, yes, you are talented and all but don’t be deceived by the paltry amount you are getting from these weekend shows you claim you grace all the time. ‘You no reach, yet’!

You also forget that, in all honesty, you are not on Stonebwoy’s level. He is not God, we know this, but he can ‘hurt’ you with his influence, clout and connections. Stay humble, focus on your work and let the people see the results.

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