VERY SILLY! The 10 ‘Silly’ Moments @ VGMA 2018

You can’t have an awards scheme like the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) and not have quirky and whacky moments. From the Red Carpet to the performances to award presenters to award winners – some acted a ‘fool’ on stage.

Here, www.entertainmentgh.com chronicles 10 of the ‘daft’ happenings at the 19th edition of the awards;

  1. John Dumelo

“See you next year,” – John Dumelo, co-host of the event announced in his closing remarks.

Ah boss, you will see who next year? With that ‘yawa’ performance, the only persons you will see are fellow patrons – in the audience.

  1. Theresa Ayoade

“Are you sure you want to know the winner? – The Chief Executive of Charterhouse asked the audience before announcing the winner for ‘Artiste of the Year’.

Madam paa, No, we are not sure. We want to sleep here wai. Hold on to the envelope and take it home!

  1. Kwesi Arthur

Eating ‘gari soakings’ on stage. In a bid to replicate the scene in his hit video, ‘Anthem’ – this guy brought ‘gari soakings’ on stage and took a spoonful before getting into his stagecraft.

Berma, gyama woyal3 – gari soakings sen? And what was the act supposed to prove?

  1. Nana Aba Anamoah

“Tell us; why does TRACE not show Ghanaian music videos?”  – She asked the Director of TRACE TV, who was there to also present an award.

No wonder TV3 cut you off! Wo kasa dodo. A seminar for that question was organized a day prior; come and just announce a winner and you are there doing ‘State of Affairs’ or ‘State Affairs’ or whatever ‘Affairs’!

  1. Sarkodie’s Choir (TY Crew)
(Pix courtesy ROB)

The choir members brought candles on stage while performing ‘Brighter Day’ with Sarkodie and Akwaboah.

Lol, 5 minutes into the performance, half of the lighted candles went off – leaving members to just shake the candles. It looked good initially but is it by force to do a Kendrick Lamar-like performance? Lol

  1. Selly Ghalley

“Please, before I go, I want to tell you to watch out for Praye’s re-union blah blah blah,” She tried to explain after presenting an award.

Nkurase sem ben nie? Er? You had all the time to pass this comment, but wasted it, only to rush back to the microphone to make this call?

  1. Ms. Forson

This up and coming act – after being introduced as a new act on Rufftown Records, turned her fat-ass and modeled it to the audience.

Madam, abotr3 wai! We like the fat-ass and the sex appeal, but that is not the only thing that would make you win. Exhibit that talent too!

 3.Zeinab –Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2017

“I intentionally did that!” – She explained after seemingly faltering her lines during her time on stage.

Girl wei paaa – you think we are some dummies er? You messed up but you were able to make amends after 2 tries, 2, so stop acting up – you simply messed up!

  1. Bullet

“I would like introduce 2 new artists of mine blah blah blah…” – He introduced 2 new female acts to his label.

Massa shut up! Ah, at a time that we are celebrating Ebony and with her parents seated, that was the time to introduce new girls? Gyai nsem hunu nu!

  1. TV3

Just as Nana Aba Anamoah was talking plenty, the feed went off! Interestingly, it came back after she left the stage.

TV3, after some severe backlash has released a statement, claiming it was a technical blunder. Lol. The last episode of ‘By The Fireside’ aired in 2001 oo, so, you people should stop with the tales,lol!  Wetin error?

NB: This is just the comic side of the VGMA, you take it seriously at your peril!

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