WHEN NAIJA DEY FOOL! Ghanaian Artists Are Not Supporting Mr. Eazi In The ‘Naija Attack’. Here’s Why;

Take away Wizkid and Davido; Mr.Eazi is that other artist whose dominance and international appeal has skyrocketed this year- and there’s no argument about it!

He is flying so high, but just like most high-profile artists, his interviewing skills seem to get him into some ‘trouble’ and for the umpteenth time, Nigerians have had some bone to pick with the artist.

This time, Nigerians – music lovers, bloggers, journalists and DJs have taken him to the cleaners for the commentary that, some Nigerian artists are copying his style of blending the Ghanaian language in their songs – www.entertainmentgh.com   noted

Mr. Eazi has come under such severe attack to the nonsensical extent that some Nigerian DJs have threatened not to play his songs. Extremely stupid!

What is even upsetting is how some unscrupulous Nigerians have decided to bring Ghana, Ghanaian artists and Ghanaian music under scrutiny and castigation.

However, since the backlash started, Ghanaian artists have stayed silent on the matter, to the surprise of many. This portal, www.entertainmentgh.com compiles the possible reasons they would decide to shut up about it.

He made the cross, let him Carry It

That’s the feeling most Ghanaian artists have at the moment. Mr. Eazi went on Capital Xtra, spoke about himself, his music and passed such a comment. Why should they jump to his defense? This time, he talked about artist ‘jacking’ his style, so, if he’s being attacked, he should face it alone.


They are just cowards. They are timid and are afraid to get into the fray, even when they are being attacked as Ghanaian artists and their sound is being lambasted. They do not have the guts to confront these uncouth Nigerians.


Jealousy is a normal phenomenon and most of these Ghanaian acts are jealous of how fast and high Mr. Eazi has risen. In their heads, they are excited he’s under attack, regardless of the fact that, they are also being attacked too.

Fear of Nigerian Market

They are scared AF. They delude themselves thinking Nigeria is the Mecca of international music and they are petrified attacking some of these unscrupulous Nigerians for fear of losing whichever market they claim to have. They do not realize that these Anago people do not give a f*** about their butts!

Choosing Battles Wisely

For some, it is just a case of choosing their battles wisely. They choose to ignore the fact, their craft, something they hustle to do to feed themselves and their families – is being attacked. This, is not a battle to expend energy and resources on.

They Don’t Show Support

Naturally, Ghanaian acts are not united in any endeavor and when it comes to rallying together to show support for something, they are as divided as the red sea! That’s how they are.

Watch the infamous interview;



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