Lions Don’t Eat Lions:So Much Disunity, Back-biting & Envy Among Media Men

The statement, ‘Lions Don’t Eat Lions’ is attributed to ace broadcaster, Kwasi Aboagye in an interview he is said to have granted Kwame Dadzie on Vision 90.9FM in Koforidua . That statement is profound but, it should also be noted that lions do kill lions. In the jungle, lions fight fiercely and kill each other to take control of their territory and to protect their pride when necessary.

In our media frontier, especially within the showbiz sector, some media ‘lions’ are ‘fighting’ and trying to ‘kill’ other ‘lions’ and it is getting sickening and worrying; and the earlier we realize and quell this creeping scourge, the better for all of us.

The showbiz media is fledgling, with so many journalists, bloggers, and presenters all coming into the fray, in a bid to help the industry grow, with each individual doing his/her bit to strengthen the field.

In as much the industry is big; it is also small to have players getting to know each other, sharing ideas and contributing to each other’s craft; but quite recently, the observation is that – there’s so much disunity, unnecessary bickering, back-biting, envy and disloyalty among media men.
Journalists/Writers are openly questioning the works of other writers, critiquing the works of others and blatantly putting such works on platforms open to public ridicule – a situation which shouldn’t be so.

If a colleague writer pens an article which another writer finds awkward or inappropriate, the best thing to do is call the fellow writer, seek his/her explanation for the write-up, point out the errors or misrepresentations in the article and suggest possible corrections. Do not act brainy and all-knowing to publicly chastise the fellow writer, when your own works can equally be put under scrutiny. Be Wise!

In the last couple of years, there have been so many entertainment talk shows which mean we have many presenters and many showbiz critics/analysts – and it is quite disturbing to realize that; some people feel there are competing with others and do all they can to discredit others . Some Entertainment talk show presenters now call out other hosts and openly lambast them on their respective shows, creating the platform for unnecessary media war. Stop the nonsense!

These presenters/hosts do know each other very well, so, if a presenter says something on his show that you think is not appropriate or offensive , the plausible thing to do, is communicate with the fellow, alert him/her on the mishap and suggest solutions. Do not sit on your show and openly attack the other personality and accord your panel the opportunity to wade in. That is irresponsible!

There is no competition within this industry; it is too big to accommodate everybody and every firm, too big to accommodate all entertainment newspapers, every blog, too big to accommodate every presenter, every show, and every showbiz activist.

Even with the emergence of Awards schemes and all, there’s still no competition; if you turn out well on your respective show, you will win something. If a fellow presenter/ show wins an award, the professional thing to do is call the fellow on your show, congratulate him/her, ask him/her what strategies worked for his/her win – instead of sitting on your sorry behind to openly question the win, criticize the scheme and act like a child whose toy has been taken from him. Grow up!

Now, some presenters and other showbiz analysts have become affiliated to some newspapers/blogs, they blatantly refuse to put the spotlight on other newspapers/blogs even when it is clear that such blogs/newspapers are doing right by doing ground-breaking and insightful stories. What’s the point, there’s big enough cake to share, why the hate?

We have a fraternity of entertainment presenters, writers and major industry players who are friends, yet, when one falters, instead of calling the fellow to alert him/her on the perceived wrongs, they’d rather go on social media and spew all manner of subliminal shots, pitching followers of brands against each other. Boss, that’s childish!

What’s more: there’s so much envy and back-biting amongst media men. When one person’s issue crops up, you will get the same fake friends spreading such falsehood and damaging the person’s reputation, when one could have easily communicated to ascertain the truth or otherwise. Life is short, it could be you!

There is so much act of schadenfreude amongst media men; they never show sympathy for each other. When a presenter/writer/blogger/journalist gets into some difficulty with respect to their job, whether having a difficult guest on a show or getting into trouble for an article – a fellow media person would rather mock and ridicule the affected person, instead of showing a little empathy. Watch yourself!

Presenters can call into shows hosted by others and contribute, they can easily visit each others’ shows and just observe. They can simply visit each others shows to exhibit and foster unity. It doesn’t hurt!

Some presenters/ writers/journalists/bloggers and analysts are too proud, egoistic and incorrigible; when they make a mistake and another colleague tries to correct and suggest solutions, they act all proud and foolhardy. Boy, shut up for a minute, take advice and learn!

Presenters/writers/journalists/bloggers can learn from each other; we can call each other for insight, share ideas and make suggestions to better our craft. We can visit each others’ offices to learn and grow. Nobody is a repository of all knowledge and nobody is above reproach.
If your fellow media man is driving a luxurious car and living in a posh house, don’t hate, ask him/her what strides he/she went through to get to that level. Be humble and seek counsel. It doesn’t hurt!

In the words of Ken Ashigbey, Director of Graphic Communications: “We need to protect our own as media men. Rally around together in ensuring that the media men are protected.”
If your colleague or senior industry player calls to admonish you, stay humble, drop your ego and listen to counsel. Let’s stop the internal wrangling, let’s support each other and be each other’s keeper.



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