GOOD CALL BUT…! Roverman’s Andrew Tee Adote For Best Actor Of The Year?

As an avid follower of theater and a devotee of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s Roverman Productions over the years, I have observed with such profound interest how one actor among an exemplary cast had consistently stood all in quite a long time.

The exploits of actor, Andrew Tee Adote, caused me to pen a tribute to his craft in this paper last year November, an article captioned; “Andrew Tee Adote: The Face of Ghanaian Theater” – which was replicated on www.entertainmentgh.com.

The piece was an acknowledgement of the consummate skills of Andrew as an actor and how he has carved a strong forte’ as the go-to guy in Ghanaian theater – an assertion that seems indisputable!

Last week, my friend, who is also a social media influencer, Kwame Gyan, also paid a glowing tribute to Andrew but with an interesting twist – the call for Andrew to be awarded the Best Actor in Ghana.

Best Actor, Yes, But Which Scheme?

Kwame, in his ode to Andrew, intimated that, the proficiency of the actor on stage was so gargantuan; he deserves to be named the Best Actor of the year, by all means necessary.

He also made a point that any proper awards scheme in the world ought to recognize Andrew as a fine actor deserving of the accolade, ‘Best Actor of the Year’ and considering how Kwame compared Andrew to most movie stars, it was clear that he is clamouring for a prize in any Movie Awards scheme.

Like Kwame and the many theater aficionados, we wish to see him pick some award, but to call for such a prize in any movie awards scheme is quite misplaced. It’s almost like asserting that Floyd Mayweather, with such an unblemished record in boxing and a legendary status should be awarded ‘Best Fighter of the Year’ in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Awards.

I also agree with Kwame that, stage actors are better actors than their peers on the big screen, but it must be accepted that, the big screen and the stage are two distinct platforms. One can excel on one and may flounder on the other. There are famed actors, both local and international, who were good on stage and made such grand transition to the big screen. Meryl Streep, Hugh Jackman, Morgan Freeman, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Dontoh, Dzifa Glikpoe, Dzifa Gomashie and others are examples.

However, they are also some, who were good in theater but slumped when they moved to movies.

No Ghana Version of Tony Awards, No Prize for Andrew

In America for example, there’s award scheme dedicated to all sectors of the industry. There are several awards for all genre of music production, several others for filmmakers and actors, songwriters and screenwriters and of course, there’s one solely dedicated to theater, Broadway, and they call it the Tony Awards.

The Tony Awards (Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Broadway Theatre) is organized by the Theatre Wing and the Broadway League in America and the awards are given for theatre productions and performances in the year under review.

Unfortunately for Andrew and the legion of very hardworking actors in Ghanaian theatre, there’s no award scheme dedicated to the trade like that of VGMA for music, Ghana Movie Awards for movies, 4SyteTV Music Video Awards for music videos, RTP Awards for radio and television personalities and now, Ghana Comic Awards for the comedy industry.

Although Uncle Ebo Whyte and his Roverman Productions are dominating the industry right now, others like Abubakar Latif, Naa Ashorkor, Nyansapo and the likes are also doing their bit to ensure the that theatre industry stays buoyant – and it is only right that if a handful of comedians have their own awards scheme – the theatre must have one too!

It would therefore be appropriate for any serious-minded event organizer to put together a scheme for theatre and execute it with such expertise and aplomb.

But Wait, There’s People’s Celebrity Awards

With all the hard work, dedication and zeal Andrew has attached to his craft over the period, it would have been highly unfair, that years open and close and all he gets is applause and sometimes, standing ovation after grandiose performances on stage. That, for me, is definitely not enough!

Thankfully, there’s an awards scheme that looks to reward celebrities in all divides of the entertainment, culture and sports industries and that’s the People’s Celebrity Awards (PCA), formerly called GN Bank Awards.

Bola Ray with People’s Celebrity Awards

In the over 20 categories of the PCA, there’s the ‘People Favourite Actor’ category that includes nomination of actors within the movie, television and theatre industries respectively.

For the likes of Kwame Gyan who yearn to see Andrew Adote pick an award for ‘Best Actor of the Year’ – the PCA presents that glorious opportunity, but first, there’s a way to get the ebullient actor achieve that well-deserved honour.

There’s a nomination process, where the general public are expected to nominate their favorite industry players for various categories and to nominate Andrew Adote to land a spot in the ‘People’s Favourite Actor’ category, one simply has to dial *712*8#, follow the instructions and nominate. One can also visit www.peoplescelebrityawardsgh.com for guidance.

You Doubt Andrew’s Skill? Check Out ‘Comeback’

Kwame Gyan and I agree on the score that Andrew Adote is overly talented and for years, he’s been that life of many Roverman Productions and there’s absolutely no shred of doubt about it.

His attributes as an actor are enormous; he fits into every role assigned him and gives it his all. He attaches such zeal, vigor and enthusiasm to every minute he spends on stage as an actor. He is articulate, witty, and dexterous – plus, he exudes such a believable character all the time. He complements such traits with good singing and dancing prowess too!

Well, if you doubt the stellar pronouncements on the actor, kindly check him out, as he leads another cast, for the umpteenth time, in the new Roverman Production, ‘Comeback’.

As an Italy-based Ghanaian footballer returning to his country to meet an unwholesome and heart-wrenching situation where his younger brother had squandered his assets, Andrew, playing the role of Jojo Ronaldo, executes his role effortlessly with such class, consistency and urgency.

You still have doubts? Then catch the ‘Comeback’ at the National Theatre on September 9 and 10, 2017, 4pm and 8pm and come attest to the fact that Andrew Tee Adote truly deserves ‘Best Actor of The Year’.

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, (www.entertainmentgh.com)


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