Everyone Has A Choice! Reactions To Leaked S3x Tapes Need To Change

In various jurisdictions, most notably foreign ones, making a sex tape is not as big a deal as it is in Ghana. Obviously, because of different perception on sex and sexual desires. However, leaked sex tapes invariably elicit equal amount of ire from all societies for different reasons.

In foreign countries, the act of leaking a sex tape is viewed as a mere unwarranted invasion of people’s private lives but in Ghana, this very act of making a sex tape in itself is viewed as an affront to our morals, beliefs and culture.

Our religious backgrounds and tradition make the leakage of sex tapes a big deal. The Mistakes most of us make are, we call the victims criminals even when it was consensual sex. Remember the leaked sex tape from University of Ghana, Pentagon Hostel?

It is very necessary to know that, if the two parties involved, which may be a husband with his wife, or man with his fairly matured partner agree to have sex, and take a video, it is not criminal. It was by choice and not a forceful act.
Relating this to the recently leaked sex tape, involving, one Headmaster with a 17 year old pupil, obviously, it came out as though, having sex is something they already are involved in. Unfortunately for them, this time round they decided to take a video and someway some how it is out.

As long as the lady and the man agreed to do it for their private use, it is unto them and their God. If it is immoral, it is a sin committed in private, and that is to them and God.

Personally, I find no reason why I will record myself having sex with my partner. Some form of luck, is turned towards the direction of most individuals, who tend to attack people whose sex videos or nude images are out. The luck I am mentioning is that, a stupid person has not yet laid hands on those phones.

It is not your business or mine if a man has the nude pictures of his wife or lover on his phone. That is what they decided to do as lovers and should remain their own.

If you are the one taking the headmaster to trash, just go through your images, and tell me what you have there. We need to begin to help victims identify the origins of such videos and leaks, so society will maintain sanity.
But for those people leaking the videos, we would have had no knowledge of their existence. So now that the videos are all over the internet, the thief who leaked them will answer to any click on them in front of God.

Unless someone willingly shares those videos that he or she recorded, we must sympathize with those people than pour scorn on them.

As long as the headmaster did not share the videos willingly, and had the consent of the lady, he, the headmaster is a victim and must be treated as one. Perhaps, only time and yours will also make it to the public.

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