Back To Kumawood: The Intriguing Case of Mr. Beautiful

The romance between actor, Clement Bonney, with the popular moniker, Mr. Beautiful and the film industry based in Kumasi (Kumawood); serves a classic case of how entertainers should tinker with politics and not have their careers in jeopardy.

Mr. Beautiful is one of the actors who contributed in ensuring that, the industry tagged Kumawood, was able to quell the disturbing infiltration of Nigerian movies unto the Ghanaian market and in that regard, he deserves some plaudit.

For the love of politics, he jettisoned the craft entirely, dedicating his time and resources to supporting Ex-President John Mahama in his pursuit for political power.

After the failed bid by the Former President, the actor has declared his intention to go back to that industry that made him popular.


Good Acting Skills

There’s little cynicism on the acting skills of Mr. Beautiful. Yes, he is a good actor with a plethora of very good movies to his credit. At one point in his career, no movie was released from Kumawood without his name on the cast.

His delivery in the Fanti language was a refreshing fit in all the movies he starred in and he presented a refreshing drift to the characters he played.  He is versatile as he was able to fit into every role assigned and he always delivered. That’s how proficient he is in acting!


The Blacklist

Some years ago, news was rife that the actor had been blacklisted by the movie producers because of his open campaign for Ex-President, especially in the stronghold of the then opposition – Ashanti Region, with the capital being Kumasi.

The producers downplayed their reason for side-stepping the actor by stating that, he had lost touch with the movie-loving masses and he was no longer a selling force in the sector.

The actor, in reacting to the snub, did not help matters. Instead, in a defiant mood, he also declared that, he would always pick supporting and campaigning for President John Mahama over featuring in Kumawood movies.

His efforts were fixated in traveling with the then President in his campaign trail and he became the President’s Advisor in his benevolent gesture of providing aid to some needy and sick entertainers.


Plenty Loose Talk

Mr. Beautiful, after the seeming blacklist, was engaged in a lot of loose talk, very infantile and unnecessary rant throughout the period of his dormancy in acting.

At one point, he talked about how he was not hungry because the Ex-President fed him adequately.  He also barked about how the quality of movies had been affected due to his absence.

He was heard gloating about how an investor had given him some huge sum of money to produce his own movie but he dreaded the issues with marketing and distribution, so, he declined.

Not done with the obnoxious rants, he brazenly attacked some prominent producers in Kumawood, calling them unprofessional and their movies, trash.

His condescending approach to anything and anybody not in support of John Mahama and his policies was worrisome and his arrogant demeanor in his media interviews, where he abruptly ended calls or conversations with such impunity – was extremely nauseating!

The Come Back

After the failed bid of Ex-President John Mahama to have a second term in office, Mr. Beautiful has declared his resolve to go back to Kumawood and act.

That is a testament of how silly the actor had been in his entire outburst since he made the infamous declaration to support Prez. Mahama and shun Kumawood.

Obviously, if John Mahama had won, there was no chance the actor would have made such a move. He would be eyeing a higher position in Government but as things didn’t turn out as anticipated, he is here, scrambling to undo some of the statements he spewed and feverishly trying to make up with folks he fell out with.


Will he be accepted?

Honestly, the industry in Kumasi survived tremendously without him. The likes of Akrobeto, LiWin, Dabo, Bernard Nyarko, Apostle Prah and many others have handled the industry well, sustaining it even in the midst of all the economy challenges.

His absence was hardly felt in any way, but, that notwithstanding; his comeback is good for the industry. He is still a good actor, and his inclusion would complement the efforts of the many who held the fort while he was gallivanting across the country dabbling in politics and making nuisance of himself.

Thankfully, some of the producers, who were noted to have blacklisted him, have welcomed the idea of the actor making a return to the fold and their willingness to work with him again.


Arnold Schwarzenegger moved from acting to be a governor. His way of politics was clean, so, he was able to make his way back to acting without many inhibitions. Nigeria’s Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) took political appointment after gracing the screens for years. After his tenure, he is back, still swooning ladies with his looks and acting skills. As a government official, he kept his dealings clean, ensuring that, he didn’t close doors on his way up. He is definitely not finding closed doors on his way back to the craft.

Yes, it is a laudable idea for entertainers to do politics. In fact, politics is us, and entertainers should be encouraged to involve themselves in it, but, in doing so; they ought to be circumspect, decorous and responsible in their political dealings in order not to injure relationships and human relations.

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, www.entertainmentgh.com


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