IS IT WRONG? Fella Makafui Accused Of Paying A Photographer To Follow Her Take ‘Slay’ Pictures @ Ebony’s 1 Week Memorial

In show business, if you are not talked about, then, you are ‘nobody’ – and in recent times, fast-rising actress, Fella Makafui is generating headlines and putting in work too, has checked.

The actress is in the center of a social media fracas with the likes of singer, Sista Afia and fellow actor, Efia Odo, a story being followed religiously by and respectively.

In some bizarre twist to the cacophony on social media, Fella, who attained critical acclaim in the popular series, ‘Yolo’ – has been accused of paying a photographer to take specialized photos of her at the memorial of Ebony over the weekend.

The observer wrote on Facebook in the heat of the ruckus;

“If Fella would make a photographer to follow her, at least it shouldn’t be a funeral. If it’s someone who is taking you pictures, that’s normal but to pay a photographer paaa to follow you to take slay pictures for Social media dierr. Hmmm, no wonder Efia Odo was soo pissed off. Infact Efia, give it to her, I support you.”

Taking a cue from, let’s analyze some of the said photos and judge, but mind you, the photos were shot, edited by a professional photographer and shared by the actress on her social media page.

1. Tears for camera or tears for Ebony?

2. Cry, yes, but don’t mess with the make-up? The camera is still there!

3. Pose and smile, you are on camera!

4. Wait, wait, wait, my camera guy must capture this!


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