WORRYING! Hosts Of Golden Movie Awards Red Carpet, Displayed Their Ignorance-Obuobi

Obuobia Darko

Television personality, Obuobia Darko has said the hosts for the Red Carpet at the Golden Movie Awards displayed sickening ignorance on the night.

According to her, they did not research on anything and all they were doing was asking people “who are you wearing”.

She noted that as hosts, they should have known nominees for the night but rather “they were ignorant of that and they were now asking people who came in whether they were nominated.” observed!

She indicated that for the awards scheme to grow, there is the need for the organizers to get experienced hands for their Red Carpet in the future.

Meanwhile, Moesha Bodoung has hailed her performance on the night and has said she intends to take up a career as an mcee in the coming days.

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