SHE IS WORRIED! The Embarrassment After Ebony’s Death Is Sad – Afia Schwarzenegger


Television personality, Afia Schwarzenegger has expressed worry over the current impasse between the family of Ebony Reigns and management of her record label. took notice!

Ruff Town Records yesterday indicated that they are no more interested in releasing songs of the artiste who died in February this year after her father made several wild allegations against the label’s boss.

But in a post on Instagram celebrating the memory of the dancehall artiste, Afia Schwarzenegger who was a close pal indicated that it is sad such things are happenings after her death.

She indicated that she had missed Ebony and Franky Kuri who died with Ebony on the same day.

Afia posted on Instagram Dear Bullet,
Something must have triggered you the day u chose to help @ebony_reigns ,even though she has a family, n a loving father…it was you she came to for help and u really helped her… if not anything that viral video of u at Tv3 practical begging us to support ur artist pushed me and a lot of people in the industry to push ur artist forward
Dear Dad,
You gave birth to this beautiful young lady,full of life ,so talented,intelligent,well brought up…Dad you will agree with me you knew Ohemma will be great but u will also agree with me that someone helped her to get there.
Dad,no matter what u do u will need Midas touch n ruff town records to help push @ebony_reigns legacy.
Nana Kwarteng,you are the father of the 1st female.youngest artist of the year and to be honest u can’t let all this die out like that.
Bullet, sometimes I need u to understand human behaviors n overlook certain things,Your relationship with ur artist should drive u to do more for her now that she can’t do anything for her..Bullet you made @ebony_reigns but Nana Kwarteng Gave birth to Priscilla and @ebony_reigns is currently ur greatest achievement in terms of managing an artist
Pls for the sake of my friend,for her to Rest In Peace and for her lagacy to go on…pls smoke a peace pipe with the dad…
Daddy even the rightful owner of the supposed money u are fighting over is DEAD n Gone,if you truly care about my friend …let her legacy live by smoking a peace pipe with bullet!!!
There’s a lot that goes on in this industry that u dad got no knowledge will crash everything she fought for if u dnt listen to this advice…And that will hurt her.ohemaa wants her legacy to live!!!!
The only people that can do that are both of you together…Dad Money is Not everything and it is better to share with rufftown records than living with nothing and also hurting the soul of my departed friend …after all bony had no child n you ain’t broke so this fights on money must end…Don’t let the world see you as a Greedy man!!!!
God bless you both…Rest in peace @ebony_reigns”

By Deborah Kotei


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