Wiyaala’s Manager is a joker, with a dirty mind & ordinary – BullDog

Acclaimed artist manager, Lawrence Asiamah Hanson, aka Bulldog, went all in on another astute Manager, John Sherren, manager for award-winning female act, Wiyaala – over actions by the latter he felt, were inappropriate.

John Sherren & Wiyaala
John Sherren & Wiyaala

Reacting with so much angst on ‘Showbiz Xtra’ on Happy FM, Bulldog lashed out at Wiyaala’s handler, calling him a ‘white man with a dirty mind’ – as monitored by

According to him, Mr. Sherren took photos of a music concert set-up being organized in one of the Northern Regions  by Bullhaus some weeks ago, posted the pictures on facebook and called the show, a flop.

“What he (John) did should have been done by a blackman. He is a white man with a dirty mind,” he fumed!

He further explained, that, during the set-up, it rained quite heavily, so, it affected the start of the event, however, when everything returned to normalcy, the show was heavily attended.

“He is not part of this industry. I was here before him and I will be here when he leaves, when the girl (Wiyaala) is done with him. I do not know him, he is just ordinary,” Bulldog fired another salvo.

Reacting again to the fact that John has been able to organize shows for Wiyaala at places like the Alliance’ Francais in Accra, Bulldog stated, “That is where I would organize my son’s birthday.”

His (Bulldog’s) grievance stemmed from the fact that, event organization is no fluke and especially when you encounter natural setbacks like rain, it is not an issue for mockery.


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