Wiyaala’ Manager Responds to BullDog

On October 31, 2016, reported on the bashing artist manager, Bulldog gave to John Sherren, manager for Wiyaala.

Read it here:

Wiyaala’s Manager is a joker, with a dirty mind & ordinary – BullDog

John Sherren, as expected, has released a response to the castigation. Below is the post on his facebook wall

Dear Bulldog,

May I respectfully correct your allegation that I said on facebook that your programme in Wa “flopped”. I have never said any such thing, either in public or in private. Here is a record of what I said at the time and in public on Facebook:

“The show went very well and I hear that Abu Issah Siedu did an exceptional job as MC for night. S/O to all the performers and the people of Wa for supporting the event. Bigups to Bulldog and his team for travelling all the way to the Upper West and delivering despite the rain!”

Facebook Post logged October 17th 3.44pm…/1095744273844904…

Wa does not get too many events to celebrate. I was really happy that the huge audience had a really great time and that the local performers had a chance to display their talents. And it was you, Bulldog, who brought that show to them and I have fully acknowledged that fact.

Let me turn to my commentary before the show which also appears to have upset you. The intention was to provide a humorous factual account of events and a philosophical comment that whatever project mankind undertakes, there is a power greater than us who will determine whether our efforts will succeed.

I unreservedly apologise for any offence I may have caused you or anyone else. It was not my intention at all.

As I have already said, your determination and endurance in successfully completing the programme in a difficult location and circumstances is something to be celebrated.

May I also reassure you, that when the time comes for me to leave Ghana, I will go, without rancour or bitterness, but with love in my heart for the country and its people. It is my sincerest hope that if I have any legacy at all, it will be that I put in more than I took out.
I have learnt a lesson from this. Please, my brother, let us go forward in peace.

My best wishes, to you, your family and all your associates.

John Sherren

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