WINNER! Anthony Osarfo Wins 3 Hollywood Screenplay Awards

The biggest dream has always been to have Ghanaian movies, Ghanaian actors and Directors make the spotlight in Hollywood and thus far, it has been quite a torrid sojourn. Interestingly, the spotlight is being garnered by a Ghanaian professional in a position of somewhat of less regard in the Ghanaian film making chain.

Anthony Osarfo, a Ghanaian screenwriter, has been turning heads in Hollywood with his constant feature and wins in a myriad of screenwriting competitions.

He has won ‘Best Supernatural Horror Script’ (Hollywood Horrorfest), ‘Best International Screenplay Award Finalist’ (Oregon Short Film Festival), and also reached the ‘Finals’ in the 2020 Red Flight Screenplay Contest.

Also renowned as an Entertainment Journalist, Anthony has written for major newspapers and portals, notably, Flex Newspaper and Razz Newspaper and commands respect within the arts industry in Ghana.

As a screen writer, he’s been penning scripts since 2009 and well noted for the likes of ‘Honor Janet’, ‘Death Or No Birth’, ‘Odor’ and ‘Spell by Deed’.

He is also developing a niche as a go-to guy for scripts for Horror movies, as he keeps garnering critical mention for his screenplays in most horror flicks.


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