WHY NOT? My Body Is My Selling Point – Ms Forson

Sex Appeal counts and you have it, it is only prudent you use it to your advantage, especially in the owrld of showbusiness – knows!

Whenever she steps out, the most prominent things about her are her big backside and thighs, and these features have earned Afrobeats artiste, Ms Forson (full name Gloria Forson), some love among music fans and it seems she is ready to use that to her advantage – reports!

She believes there are various reasons people love a brand, and she has realised that her body is a big draw for her fans and she has no problem using it to entertain them.

“People have different expectations and it looks like whenever I step out to perform and dance, my fans love it. They expect to see that every time I mount a stage and I am willing to give that to them. I am an entertainer and it is my duty to make my fans happy,” Ms Forson told Graphic Showbiz.

“I believe music is not all about singing out loud and all; you should give people a reason to come and watch you and patronise your works, and so if I have found mine, I am ready to go with it. I love dancing; I’m good at karaoke, etc and I intend to use these to satisfy my fans,” she said.

Ms Forson, however, emphasised that her body was not the only thing she was made of and that she had the talent to back it up.

“I am talented; I am a songwriter, etc and so I may look like this, love to have fun on stage and all that, but the thing is that I am not empty,” she added.

When asked if she had been bashed for her body, Ms Forson replied in the negative.

“Not at all; all I have received so far are love and admiration from people. I used to be slim, but somehow I have put on. Even when I was slim, the hips and butt were there.

“I cannot do anything about this body – even if I try to hide it, it will come out, so I have come to accept it. When I step out, I get comments such as: ‘Aboowa’ (a term in Medikal and Agbeshie’s song ‘Wrowroho’), so it has been loved through it all.

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