WHO IS QUEEN OF GH. COMEDY? Afia Schwarzenegger OR Jacinta?

Jacinta(Left) Afia(Right)

Titles and self-aggrandizement are part of the entertainment industry. We simply can’t do without having entertainers tagging themselves with titles – tags that exhibits some form of supremacy. We have ‘Kings’, ‘Queens’, ‘Lord(s)’ and whatever makes sense in telling the world you are ‘bigger’ and better than your peers.

Most often than not, such titling breeds such intense banter as seen recently in the US, where Cash Money-recording artist, Jacquees tagged himself as the ‘King of R&B’ – unleashing a wave of backlash from accomplished R&B artists and instigating a passionate debate on who fits that title.

Jacinta Ocansey

In Ghana, the title, ‘King of GH. Comedy’ has had its fair share of controversy as DKB, who crowned himself or to his defense – claimed that, the legendary KSM gave him the title, was even not accepted as ‘King’ by his peers.

There’s a new title being bandied around, also in the frontiers of Ghanaian comedy; the Queen of GH. Comedy!

In the last couple of years, Afia Schwarzenegger has tagged herself as the Queen of GH. Comedy and that self-proclaimed tag has not been contested extensively.

Perhaps, the fact that, there were or are not too many comediennes in the system ensured that Afia’s self-aggrandizement was not given any attention and contest.


However, in recent times, another Comedienne is fast-rising and being accorded the title and that’s Jacinta.

A stand-up comic, Jacinta is dominating that space, considering the fact that, she is the only recognized female stand-up comic now in Ghana – having bagged quite a number of high profile shows including the upcoming Charterhouse-produced 1025 Laughs & Music.

Even the organizers have been tagging her as the Queen of GH. Comedy, which is not a felony. For marketing, promotion and other purposes, any entity or person can go with any tag.

Ideally, comedy is comedy and encompasses TV, radio, stand-up, theatre etc. – so, Afia and Jacinta have rights to the throne – ‘Queen of GH. Comedy’ but the question lingers.

Jacinta is once again billed to perform on 1025 Laughs & Music, at the Accra International Conference Center on December 26, 2018. It features the likes of Bovi, Akpororo, Seyi Law, Kenny Blaq, Forster Romanus, Lekzy De Comic and James Brown.


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