“Whether or not I’m divored, mind your business!” Elikem speaks

Elikem Kumordzie

Fashion Icon, Elikem Kumordzie has asked Ghanaians to stop poking their noses into the private affairs of people and focus on building better lives for themselves. stated!

According to him, Ghanaians have the tendency of drawing conclusions even when they do not have substantial evidence to back their claims.

His comments comes after a report suggested that he and his wife were headed for court to seek divorce.

But speaking to Accra-based Hitz FM he said “Why are people dwelling on what is on social media… I don’t understand why because there hasn’t been a post where people will not want to jump into conclusion to say A, B or C. Secondly, I am not ready to spit out what’s private at home out on air to say yes I am divorced or no I am not divorced so whether there is a divorce or not, I’m sure it is not anyone’s business so to speak”.

He indicated that “People like to keep their lives private at a certain point in time, maybe we are used to people who like to post stuff… It’s not important for people to want to find out. We haven’t been posting on social media anymore but we haven’t also posted whether we are or we are not so why do people just want to jump into conclusion and say we are not because there is no social media post”.

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