What’s BEEF? D-Black ‘Murders’ Wanlov on diss track, ‘The List’

D-Black is proving to be a ‘gangsta’, manning up and taking whatever beef off twitter to wax, like how, real hip hop heads do.

In response to Wanlov’s recent criticism over D-Black’s inclusion on MTVBase Africa Hottest MCs in Ghana, D-Black has released a beat-free diss  song that shreds Wanlov into pieces.

He fires salvos and attacks Wanlov at all angles, from his age, to his  loss of relevance to his despicable show of his manhood on TV.

“You dey catch 40, buckle up, cos when your mum kicks you outta the crib, it will f*** you up. No bread, no crib, you live on twitter. “ he rapped about his age and his hustle.

” You are a disgrace to your whole entire family,” he vented more.

He was never going to miss out on Wanlov’s infamous d***- showing on TV;

“That little d*** you showed on TV bigger than your buzz. Instead of grinding, you were busy taking off your d***.”

Wanlov’s career was next;

“Your career is dead,I ain’t tryna resurrect you. After ‘Kokonsa’, nobody really gave a sh**. I think deep inside you, you wanna be me.”

He then went for the jugular;

“Dada Bee dey claim kubolor to chop fame. Mr other bothers used to tell me how you use to jerk off.”


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