WHAT A JOKE! Ghana Actors Guild Not Informed Of MOU Between Ghana Films & Bollywood

Mr. Sammy Fiscian – President, Actors Guild

The Ghana Actors Guild via its President, Sammy Fiscian, has alerted that his association, which is one of the most recognizable groups in the Ghanaian film industry is not informed on the MOU that was purportedly signed by Ghana filmmakers and Indian Film Industry.

The announcement of this MOU was made public by the High Commissioner to India, Mike Ocquaye Jnr, who stated that Ghanaian filmmakers have signed some agreement with a section of Bollywood that would help strengthen the local industry.

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, the President of the Ghana Actors Guild stated that, he and his group were not formally notified of such agreement and he is not privy to the details of this agreement.

“I heard the news just like any other person. I  do not know the details of the agreement and how beneficial it would be for my members,” he said.

In an interview with JoyNews’ Becky, the High Commissioner mentioned that the collaboration with Bollywood is important in strengthening Ghana’s film industry.

According to him, entertainment ‘conquers’ the world and greatly boosts the image of a country, hence, the need for this partnership.

“The Americans have done it with Hollywood. The Nigerians have done it with Nollywood but the Indian film industry is the biggest in the world…At the moment the Ghana film industry has signed an MoU with a section of the Indian film industry,” he said.

Mike Ocquaye Jnr indicated that the collaboration will enable the two countries transfer skills and ideas in the production of movies.

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