WAS MISQUOTED! ‘I Never Said Wendy Shay Was Talentless’-eShun

Wendy Shay and eShun

Highlife musician, eShun has complained about how Rufftown Records signee Wendy Shay, ignored her when she tried reaching out to her.

Speaking on e.TV Ghana, the songstress explained how she tried reaching out to her colleague, Wendy after she was misquoted to have called the latter talentless.

“I tried reaching out to you, Wendy Shay, and you didn’t say anything. I don’t know whether it was Bullet who told you not to speak to me. I sent her a DM [Direct Message], so let’s just assume she hasn’t seen it,” she said. Etv Ghana recorded!

The host, Foster Romanus then tried to find out if she did more after the direct message she sent to get Wendy’s attention.

“I actually wrote a whole essay about it on my timeline on Instagram explaining what I actually said or what I meant and I tagged her and everybody kept tagging her so I’m sure she has really seen it,” she stated.

eShun is said to have stated that the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker is talentless, but she denied the report attributed to her.

“No, I never said that. I think she’s beautiful and when they asked me, these were my exact words, ‘I think Wendy Shay is very talented, with the help of a coach, she’ll be even better”

“Wendy, you’re talented when you get a coach you will be even better, even me who has gone through ‘Mentor’, ‘Project Fame’, if I get a coach today, I’ll grab him or her and be better,” she stated.

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