WALK AWAY! Kwesi Ernest Tells His Colleague Gospel Artistes

Kwesi Ernest

Unlike other gospel artistes, Kwasi Ernest has made known how different he is from his colleagues. He  finds it a great turn off when gospel artistes put it out there saying, they are not in the gospel industry for money yet, render free services to church leaders and event organizers. has reported!

He clearly cannot fathom how that works so his advise to them was that, they quit doing gospel music and venture into a different career.

Speaking on Christian Entertainment Review Show on GN TV with host Nii Noi, the gospel artiste manager with over decade experience in the industry said it is unfortunate to hear most gospel artistes claiming they do not negotiate payment terms with church leaders and event organizers because they perceive that the talent they have is free from God so have to perform for free as well.

Every musician has to lay a structure to power or get him or her going. It’s unfortunate to hear some gospel artistes saying they aren’t in the gospel industry because of money. If you’re not in the gospel industry for the money after paying so much at Nacee’s studio and paid video director for your music video then walk out of the industry.

“Most artistes don’t want to have managers so they negotiate everything by themselves. Most gospel artistes degrade themselves to these event organizers when they have to be paid what they are due. They just ask for anything from the organizers.”

Kwesi Ernest further stated, indicating that, such artistes know next to nothing regarding the cost involved with recording songs, marketing them and also promoting them.

Without missing words, the Gospel Legend describes them as people who want to save their faces in public yet, behind closed doors are quick to curse and insult church leaders for neglecting them.

“Another revelation or sad issue about this treatment given to gospel artiste is because these Pastors have taken advantage of the gospel artistes but they make good profits from the sale all kinds of oil to their members which I find it very unfortunate. They are the same Church leaders who invite foreign gospel artistes to Ghana and pay them so well but treat their local stars poorly.

“Some gospel artistes shouldn’t use poverty to destroy the industry. If freely we were given, then pastors should stop collecting tithe and other offering from members.

“The Bible says, A man’s talent shall connect him to great and mighty people so the church community should also support gospel artistes.” He told Nii Noi.


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