WAITING FOR IT! Official Marriage Proposal From Medikal Is Super Close- Deborah Vanessa

Medikal with Sister Derby

The romance between rapper Medikal and his sweetheart, Sister Deborah or Sister Derby has attracted a lot of attention, with much of it being very negative but that has not stopped the couple, who like public displays of affection to forge on.

Just recently, there were rumours that they had broken up but Sister Derby has laughed off those reports insisting that their two-year relationship is going great.

Well, the naysayers may hope in vain for a breakup as the beautiful singer and model tells Showbiz the future is very bright for them. According to her, although Medikal has not officially proposed, there is every indication that he will marry her in the not too distant future.

In an interview with Showbiz, Sister Derby said, “He always tells me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and that we will be together forever.

He also tells me that he wants me to be the mother of his children.”

Never one to shy away from controversy, Sister Derby, an avid social media user, uses her various accounts to defend Medikal anytime he is embroiled in one issue or the other and although this sometimes displeases people, she doesn’t really care.

“I am always defending people on Twitter, my brother, Lydia Forson etc, I am very outspoken so yes, I defend him,” she said.

“Anytime I come to his defence, they keep telling me that I am old and I also tease them back.

They say it is not ladylike because Tracy doesn’t defend Sarkodie and Michy doesn’t defend Shatta Wale but that’s just me,” she added.

The age difference between the two is one thing that also attracts attention and when asked if she feels bad about the criticism of her being older than Medikal, Sister Derby said no.

“It doesn’t make me feel bad, I have never really dated an older person, it’s either someone my age or younger, they come for me,” she said.

“In the beginning, I was worried and a bit skeptical but he has proven to me that he is even more mature than I am, I follow my heart and I think Medikal too does the same,” she stressed.

Away from her love life, Sister Derby, also known as The African Mermaid is busy in the studio cooking something hot for her fans. “My next track is featuring Efya and it is titled Pure Water, I can’t wait to drop it.

“While I am dropping the song, it will come with a hashtag,”Do Not Litter”.

Every post concerning the song will have that tag line, the song will be released in May to be followed by a video.”

Sister Derby is already on a plastic eradication campaign and environmental pollution with her brother Wanluv Da Kubolor on the theme, “refuse, reuse, recycle”.

According to her, they have recorded a song and shot a video in Accra to that effect.

Sister Derby, also a fashion designer says her DV Clothing is working on a new clothing line, Mermaid Leggings, for women of all shapes and sizes.


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