WAGING WAR! Our Health Care System Needs Urgent Attention-Hannah Donkor

Hannah Aba Donkor

As a Ghanaian, the heart of Hannah Aba Donkor has been immensely squashed. Why because, in this day and age, it is unbelievable that, the current situation with regards to our health care system is alarming and needs urgent attention.

As monitored, she disclosed this in an interview with Odi Ahenkan of Okay FM on Friday drive time show, when she was hosted as part of her promotional musical tour in Ghana on the Boafonewurade album.

The senior nursing officer in the United kingdom said, she got heart broken when she saw the bad conditions to which pregnant women go through in various hospitals in Ghana.

She said some women even give birth on bare floors because there are no hospital beds for them to sleep on.

The new signee of the biggest gospel record label in Ghana Media Excel Productions, has made known her intentions to raise support for pregnant women and maternity homes in our beloved country Ghana.

She is charging government as a matter of urgency to come to the aid of pregnant women and focus much attention on various maternity homes in the country.

“It’s sad to see this conditions existing in this part of the world”, worriedly, she said.

Moving on, she added: “It’s so sad how our health systems has turned to. Today people go to hospitals and they can’t even get beds to sleep on so they can be attended to, people go to pharmacies and medicines sold to them are all expired and people are dying.”

She further quizzed; “I am a nurse and a gospel musician and my calling urges me to help societal issues and problems. I can’t sing gospel music and see people dying …who will buy and patronize my music and concerts if this is their situation?”

Her cry is that, government must give an immediate solution to this problem because it is alarming and very inhuman.

“This situation can never happen in any advanced country. It’s sad, and i’m waging a war to look for partners to help me adopt some hospital maternity blocks and homes and give them support,” Hannah concluded.

Watch Hannah Ft. Ernest Opoku Jnr. on Boafo Ne Awurade;

By Deborah Kotei


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