WACK SONGS OR NOT! He Knows His Audience And Cares Less About ‘Bad Rapper’ Tag – D Black


Famed rapper D Black says that ‘everybody is entitled to their own opinion’ and his focus rests solely on those who like and appreciate his music. reported!

This revelation just spells out bad news to his ‘haters’ and those who have over the years drummed it to anyone who would care to listen that his lyrics are ‘wack’.

In an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb, the rapper boasted of a very successful career in rap music that has span over nine years, clocking along the way, awards in cities around the world.

“I’ve performed my music all over the world, won awards all over the world, sold albums,” casually dropping in “hit songs” that he has blessed the ears of his fans across the globe with.

The last thing on the rapper’s plate, however, is the opinion of his non-fans who cannot seem to jump on to the wagon of those who see the real artistry in his songs.

“The people that love me, the fans on social media, the people that purchase the music, the people that get the ticket to come to my shows,” are according to D Black, those “that matter to me.”

Anyone who falls outside this bracket, now know what position they play in D Black’s life.

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