No VVIP Here; Reggie Rockstone Grabs Guinness Deal Alone



Reggie Rockstone’s touted inclusion to the music group, VIP, was highly perceived to give the group a new face, a refreshing boost, put the group in a position to chart new paths in terms of marketing their music and generating business deals – but recent happenings tell a different story.

After joining the erstwhile group, VIP, and changing the group’s name to VVIP – Rockstone has been solely contracted by Guinness Ghana Ltd for its ‘Made of Black’ Ambassadorial campaign – leaving out the other VVIP members.

VIP was made up of: Joseph Nana Ofori (Prodigal), Abdul Hamid Ibrahim (Lazzy now Zeal), and Emmanuel Ababio (Promzy) until the exit of Promzy, paving way for Hiplife ‘Grandpapa’, Reggie Rockstone to join the group, thereby prompting a name change.

In no time, the group came out with the singles ‘Selfie’, ‘Book of Hiplife’ with accompanying quality music videos which have enjoyed massive airplay and downloads on social media and other online mediums. The group has recently released their third single, ‘OMG’ which is yet to hit the mark in terms of promotion.

Few weeks ago, Guinness Ghana Ltd announced names of its Guinness ‘Made of Black’ campaign and included in the list was Reggie Rockstone. The rest are: Fuse ODG, E.L, and Shatta Wale. The puzzling observation of the endorsement deal is the rejection of the other members of the VVIP group, Prodigal and Zeal.

Congratulating all the Guinness ‘Made of Black’ Ambassadors getting nominations at the 4Syte Music Video Awards, the Acting Marketing Director of Guinness Ghana Breweries, Judith Osei Ampofo, said this in an interview; “We congratulate our ‘Made Of Black’ Ambassadors, Fuse ODG, EL, Shatta Wale, and Reggie Rockstone for leading nominations at the 4Syte Music Video Awards.”

What is confusing is the congratulatory message sent out by Guinness who are singling out Reggie for praise for work done by all three members of the group (‘Selfie’ getting nominations at the 4Syte Music Video Awards).

Fans of the group have questioned the reasoning behind the selection of only one member of the group, leaving the two founding members in the cold and why Guinness will only chose to commend Reggie Rockstone for a nomination grabbed by the entire group.
Some are also thinking aloud if the Hiplife pioneer used his new found relevance in the music fold with his association with VVIP to negotiate for the endorsement deal alone.

Some schools of thought also assert that Reggie is a brand on his own and has the right to do a solo negotiation with corporate firms without involving the rest of the group members.

This is not the first time Reggie Rockstone has been contracted by Guinness Ghana Ltd as their brand ambassador. Some years ago, he was used as an icon to promote Guinness Stout with his face on billboards at almost every corner of the nation’s capital.

Razz Newspaper/Osarfo Anthony

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