OVER-VOTING WAHALA! Musicians, Fans Complain Of VGMA Voting Rip-Off

The public plays an integral role in the determination of winners for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) as they vote for their music stars in various categories and such a venture is not free; it involves money – is aware!

The general public is entitled to 40% voting rights to over 20 categories and 100% voting privileges to the ‘Most Popular Song of the Year’ category; a procedure that has persisted for years.

Just a few days to the main event of the 18th edition of the awards, has received complaints from some nominated artists and music followers over some discrepancy with the voting pattern.

In voting for their favourite nominated artists, fans are grousing that, they have been voting excessively with the application of required deductions, but, they did not know that there was a cap on the number of times one can vote.

Checks by this portal also show that some artists, who have also been voting, did not know that there was a regulation on the voting trend; the fact that, only 10 votes are allowed for each nomination.

Their complaint is that, this directive of one ‘SIM card- 10 votes’ was not made public by the organizers of the awards, Charterhouse Ghana.

The Telecommunication Companies, including the main sponsor of VGMA, Vodafone Ghana, do not also have any mechanism in place to reject votes when they exceed 10.

When the website got in touch with Charterhouse, it was confirmed that, indeed, the cap to the number of times one can vote is 10.

One number cannot vote for more than 10 times for one artist or song in any category,” the official stated.

This means, that all votes done after the 10th vote for any artist or song in a category will not count but the deductions count – and this, many fans and artists are calling a rip-off!

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