VIDEO: Pope Skinny Disses Tic Tac And Renders Him Useless

Pope Skinny left, Tic right

Popular hiplfe artiste Pope Skinny has taken Tic Tac to the cleaners describing him as a ¨nobody¨ in the music industry.

Skinny’s pillorying of Tic Tac, stems from the fact that he (Skinny) reveals the latter him a snitch. only observed!

¨Tic Tac is a nobody. What does he do. When we mention artistes, Tic Tac´s name should not be mentioned. Those days when you are loved and praised, you are hailed even when you get to your lowest ebb, but nowadays the industry is not so¨, he said on 3fm.

¨Tic Tac calls me a snitch, and really I don´t know why. I don´t have the time to be gossiping about him, because he is not relevant. He is not my friend. I have no relationship or whatsoever with him. He is not in my circle of friends. I would not pick on him if he had not come at me¨, he chided.

¨Asuoden God¨ as Skinny prefers to be called now, asked Tic Tac to stop painting him black, since to the best of his knowledge, he never recalls offending him in any way.

Tic Tac, who became popular with songs like ¨kwani kwani¨, ¨Philomena¨, ¨Kangaroo¨ and a host of other hit tracks, is revered in the Ghanaian music industry.

Skinny on the other hand is credited with songs like ¨Wa Shatta Me¨, ¨Street Anthem¨, ¨Hot Cake¨ and other popular songs.

Watch the video below:

By Deborah Kotei

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