VIDEO: NP Gandour Retains Jackie Appiah As Ambassador

Jackie Appiah

NP Gandour has retained actress Jackie Appiah as ambassador for its newly improved UB hair relaxer. reported!

Jackie, who is the brand ambassador for the old UB hair relaxer, will continue to frontline the newly improved UB hair relaxer which was unveiled at Holiday Inn Hotel.

Head of Marketing, Stephen Boadi said the newly improved UB has argan oil as the most essential component to serve patrons who have coarse, hard hair.

He disclosed actress Jackie Appiah was maintained as face of this new UB relaxer because of her enviable reputation. He added that the actress’ personality cut across generations comes with no baggage.

I think what is important is to stick to what works. We have had a long history with Jackie and just like the UB product, Jackie has been reliable, delivers when we need to, the same way the brand delivers so there’s no reason to change,” he said.

Jackie as a personality cuts across generations. She doesn’t come with any baggage and she stays true to the brand,” Mr Boadi tells Joy News’ MzGee.

The thespian believes her loyalty to the brand over the years earned her the admirable deal with NP Gandour.

I will say it is by the grace of God and maybe my commitment to the product. I have used UB all these years, ever since I was a kid, I have grown up with UB and everyone knows UB is a household name,” she said.

I will advise every lady out there who wants to try something new get on UB because we have added something beautiful to it which is the argan oil which help keeps your hair healthy, it nourishes, moisturizes your hair so to keep your hair healthy get UB,” she added.

A new television commercial shot in Lebanon with the thespian was also unveiled.

The newly improved UB relaxer with argan oil has a slight difference in packaging, though the colour of the container and text remains the same.
The new UB hair relaxer and the old UB will sell simultaneously. According to the Head of Marketing patron of the old UB, can still purchase their favourite product.

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