VIDEO: I Don’t Feel Bad Being A Midget – Yaw Dabo

Yaw Dabo

Ghanaian actor, Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo popularly called Dabo has disclosed that he has never regretted being born a midget, a person of unusually short stature.

For most Lilliputians, their stature has become a public mockery but Yaw Dabo claimed he has never been mocked with his diminutive size.

In an interview with Delay, he disclosed that at age fifteen (15), he admitted being a midget and never bothered to find out or asked his mom why his stature is so different from his siblings.

According to him, being a short man has really opened doors and given him opportunities if he might have been tall, he wouldn’t.

“I’m funny so people never despised me because of my size. I never checked my structure when I was growing up but at age 15, I realized that I won’t grow tall again.” He told Delay

When asked if he was in a relationship with fellow actress, Vivian Okyere, the 19-year-old actor claimed his position as an Elder disallows him to have an amorous relationship with women.

The actor indicated that he became so close to Vivian Okyere after they both starred in the popular movie, ‘Megye Wo Girl’ but has since being very good friends with no strings attached as it has been alleged.

“I would one day get a lady who will love me just as am to marry. I’ve not really dated any lady but I’ve so many friends who are ladies. I’m now an ordained Elder at House of Grace church so fornicating or being in a relationship with a lady has never crossed my mind. I’m hoping to get married one day.

“Vivian Okyere was my co-actor in a popular movie called Megye Wo Girl but we’re not intimate as reported.”

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