UNPRECEDENTED! Ebo Whyte’s ‘Damaged Goods’ Records Massive Numbers: Many Turned Away From Auditorium

Uncle Ebo Whyte’s plays are well-loved – we know that, the plays are highly patronized, we know that too, his plays have been over-filled to the extent that other patrons do not get access – we are privy to that too; but what we do not know is for the auditorium to get so full, leaving hundreds outside to the extent that, a radio announcement had to be made.

That was the scenario at the first weekend of showing for Roverman Production’s new play, ‘Damaged Goods’ which officially premiered over the weekend at the National Theater.

The crowd that thronged to watch the play was overly mammoth to the extent that, hundreds of patrons who were there to buy tickets for the show had to be respectfully turned away from the auditorium because it could not accommodate any more.

The personnel at Roverman were overwhelmed with the numbers, a critical decision had to be taken – a radio announcement pleading with patrons not to make any attempt of coming to the show.

Announcements were made on Joy 99.7FM and Sweet Melodies by the organizers of the play, pleading with patrons who were yet to leave home or were on their way to the Theater to get tickets, to abort all plans of attending the play.

The second showing of the hit play is showing this weekend, 4pm and 8pm for Saturday and Sunday respectively, and organizers tell that, tickets got sold out weeks ago.

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