UNFAIR! Lekzy Decomic Unhappy About Criticisms Passed To Comedians


Ghanaian comedian, Lekzy Decomic has revealed on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz hosted Andy Dosty that Ghanaian Comedians are not boring as they are normally portrayed by some sections of the Ghanaian comedy lovers.

According to Lekzy Decomic in the interview monitored by, it is unfair to call comedians in the country dull. The fast-rising comedian argued that comedians in Ghana are not given the accolades they deserve.

Lekzy Decomic stated that: “We have been on Nabil’s shows and performed to his expectation. He does not call journalists to tell them that GH comedians have done well. When you fail once he knows the people to call and say that the industry is falling and it’s not fair,”

The comedian further intimated that the media hardly write about their successes but rather focuses on negative stories about them.

“…The day I will flop on stage I will make it to the front page of a newspaper. The whole Ghana will get to know if I mess up on stage. Radio and TV stations will discuss me on their platforms. When will people be praised for their works?” 

These comments from Lekzy Decomic comes as a sharp rebuttal to the boss of Event Factory, Nabil Alhassan, who in a recent interview on Hitz FM stated emphatically that Ghanaian comedians are boring.

In his submission, Nabil Alhassan told Andy Dosty that he came to this conclusion because of the experience he had with some Ghanaian comedians.

Nabil’s outfit, Event Factory has hosted the Easter Comedy Show consecutively for the last four years featuring most of Ghana’s popular comedians.

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