UK DEY BEE! ‘Ghana’s Music Industry Kills Talents’ – Reggie N’ Bollie

The music industry, just like many others have challenges; some made it, are making it and will make it, but others struggled, are struggling and will struggle if measures are not put in place to structure it properly – notes!

United Kingdom (UK) – based Ghanaian music duo, Reggie N’ Bollie have claimed that Ghana’s music industry does not support its artistes – reports!

According to them, Ghanaian artistes only make money when they travel outside the country. This, they added, is because the lack of proper structures prevents Ghanaian music artistes from reaping the fruits of their labour.

The end result, they added, is an increase in the spate of travels to find greener pastures. They again said that the industry must get to the level where artistes don’t have to travel for revenue to make music.

Reggie and Bollie individually had appreciable popularity in Ghana before they sojourned to the UK looking for greener pastures and surely, after making appearances at Britain’s Got Talent and later on X- Factor, the duo’ – as mainstream artists, have elevated their stock and popularity, more than they ever enjoyed in Ghana, is sure of it!

The duo are also part of a legion of Ghanaian celebrities who have been appointed Tourism Ambassadors by the Ghana government to use their clout and influence to draw traction to the prospects of Ghanaian tourism!

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