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TRY IT! 5 Tips On How To Delay Ejaculation Naturally

Research indicates that around one in three men are dealing with some form of premature ejaculation.

Some men engaged by said though they are good in bed, they still count on alcoholic bitters or other concoctions to last more longer.

These mixtures are believed to have a long-term bad effect on the male sex life.
“It pains me when I reach orgasm and have always wished I could prolong that moment.”, Israel Bansah of told

We have put together some practical ways on how to delay ejaculation naturally without taking any drugs.

1. Ignore your favorite position

Jumping onto your favorite sex position means rushing to the climax. First pay attention to the choice of positions of your partner and concentrate on making her happy.
Once positions are those you ‘hate’, ejaculation would be delayed. You can then switch to your favorite sex position to expedite ejaculation when you want to.

2. Focus on her

Engage in female targeted foreplay. Foreplay that only seeks to make her happy. Usually men become the receiving end of most foreplay. If you intend to delay your ejaculation, foreplay must be female-focused.

3. Masturbation

Dr. Otuo told that masturbation before sex ensures delay in ejaculation. “She can help you with this. Once you are able to hit the climax through masturbation, it means your first penetration becomes a second round which always lasts longer” – he said.
Some men may feel okay after hitting climax through masturbation and may not want to penetrate any longer. Dr. Otuo added that, the man must in turn engage the woman in female-focused foreplay as he waits and prepares himself for penetration.

4. Wear a Condom

Condom adds a barrier which reduces the fun that one enjoys in sex. The added layer of friction delays ejaculation. Not all condoms delay ejaculation. Go for the thicker ones. Samuel Clement of told that thinner condoms are just like having none on.

5. Don’t rush

Men are always concerned about their performance when having sex with someone for the first time. The eagerness to please your partner may result in early ejaculation. “I try not to make sex the main subject of the relationship. I show interest in other things. So I take it easy when in bed with someone for the first time” – Braa Kay told

Quacy Dominik said rushing to penetrate especially when meeting someone for the first time becomes a quickie. “Don’t forget to skip foreplay when it’s your first time with someone. The woman in question could be the kind who takes so long to reach orgasm. So the foreplay would take her halfway the journey” the relationship blogger said.


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