TRUTH? Nana Appiah Mensah of Zylofon Fixed Re-Union Of Shatta Wale & BullDog: Shatta Is Moving To Zylofon?

BullDog, Bola Ray & Shatta Wale in the photo that’s gone viral

A picture of celebrated artist, Shatta Wale and accomplished Artist Manager, Nana Asiamoah Hanson (BullDog) in a hearty handshake with media mogul, Bola Ray in the mix, went viral yesterday, with many speculating and putting varied spins to the photograph.

Shatta Wale and BullDog have not been seen together after their acrimonious break-up some years ago and a picture of them together, all enthusiastic and ebullient generated talks of a re-union and possible working relationship between them once again.

Another theory was the Bola Ray factor. Noted for brokering deals and getting feuding parties in the business to patch up, even if it’s for a photo opportunity, Bola was highly noted for initiating the peace talk between the two – but has a different version and possibly, the most accurate spin on the photograph.

Let’s break down our version for easy understanding;

Nana Appiah Mensah Was Key Figure, Not Bola Ray?

Bola Ray, who is well-noted for projecting the arts and promoting peace – is taking the shine for bringing the two together, which is understandable but information gathered by has it that, the actual person behind the two meeting and shaking hands is Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM) – CEO of Zylofon Media.

Bola’s involvement, according to the information, was by sheer coincidence. He happened to be at the same place as the meeting was going on, and after the peaceful deliberations between the two, he took the opportunity to share a photograph with the two, while NAM sat back.

Nana Appiah Mensah (Pix- Blogogee)

The Shatta Wale – Bulldog Meeting

According to the reliable source, Shatta Wale has longed to meet NAM for quite awhile but his traveling schedule has not allowed it to happen, so, when the business tycoon touched down from another business trip, he arranged for that meeting and Shatta showed up. BullDog, who is the A&R Manager for Zylofon Music, a label owned by NAM, was called into the meeting – and he didn’t hesitate over the call from his boss.

Shatta Wale Apologized To BullDog?

It is documented that Shatta Wale and BullDog had one of the enviable working force in Ghanaian music but they also suffered one of the most tumultuous break-ups.

Shatta was the one who spilled on many of the happenings that ensued between the two, including the alleged leakage of the naked photos of the wife of BullDog. Till date, BullDog has still not given his version of exactly what killed their relationship.

Information has it that, in the meeting, Shatta Wale rendered an apology to BullDog for some of the stuff that were said in the heat of their break-up and Bull accepted it in good faith.

Resolution To Work Together Again

After the two ‘kissed’ and made-up, the two were said to have resolved or opened up to the possibility of working together again. BullDog, as A&R Manager of Zylofon, presently oversees the management of Stonebwoy, Becca, Joyce Blessing, Obibini and Kumi Guitar – but did not rule out the chance of adding deals of Shatta Wale to his itinerary. Shatta Wale, who is also managing his SM Militants under his SM4LYF successfully, also did not rule out the opportunity of working with BullDog again.

Shatta Wale To Zylofon?

Now, here is the biggest catch;

The back and forth of the meeting and the reconciliation of BullDog and Shatta Wale are all geared to this – the latter signing to Zylofon Music, the source said.

According to the source, there’s a huge, and we mean 89% possibility of Shatta Wale signing to Zylofon Music. The fact is; Shatta Wale is open to a move to Zylofon and NAM, according to the information, is also willing to sign him. The 11% left is the contract and the terms!







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