TRUTH? Ghana Cannot Produce 200 Virgins-Kumchacha

Nicolas Osei aka Prophet Kumchacha

It is the desire of most men to settle down with ladies who are virgins. Seems we now have a hand full according to Prophet Kumchacha, Ghana as a country has less than 200 virgins at the moment.

Nicholas Osei, aka Kumchacha in a recent interview as reported, has asserted that there is a lack of virgins in the country and a quick search would not even guarantee 200 of them.

Speaking to Kofi Adoma of Kofi TV, Prophet Kumchacha said in recent years, standards have fallen among the youth and more people are entering into promiscuous lives at their early ages in their lives.

“…it won’t be easy to get 200 virgins in the country, they’re all spoilt brat.” he said.

He further went on to add that in the old days there was more innocence and people could even bath outside into their teen years without feeling uncomfortable but now all those people’s eyes have ‘opened’.

“I remember when we were growing up, you’ll see a child age 14 bathing outside but not the case anymore….”. he added.

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