TRUTH? You Can’t Stop Men From Cheating – Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama & Hubby, Maxwell

Famed actress/TV presenter, Nana Ama McBrown has been able to keep her well-publicized marriage drama-free but that has not deterred critics from passing commentary on how she is faring in that union – is just an observer.

The actress, speaking to Kwame Adjetia on Neat 100.9 FM’s ‘Entertainment Ghana’ on varied topics concerning her career and marriage, also touched on the subject of cheating and she was candid and blunt.

According to her, women cannot stop men from cheating and even in the Bible, men cheated and couldn’t stop.

“You cannot stop men from cheating, but while cheating, they should attach some respect to the act,” she said.

She even scored high marks for men who cheat and have not been caught.

“If you are cheating on your wife and you have not been caught, it’s a plus to you.”

She also stated that, in her marriage, she would know when the husband is cheating because everything about him and his manners will change and that would raise suspicion and once those doubts show, she will not hesitate to probe.

She also had a word for the naysayers who have been talking about the fact that, she is older than the hubby;

“I am not the only married woman who is older than the partner. People should mind their business.”

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