TRUE? If You Are Not Talked About, You Are Not There Yet-Gloria Sarfo

Gloria Osei Sarfo

Actress, Gloria Sarfo has shared her view on the fact that as an entertainer, if you have not been tagged with negative stories, then you simply haven’t reached there in your career yet. took notice!

The actress made the observation while speaking to Nana Ama Mcbrown on McBrown’s Kitchen, a cooking reality show on UTV.

According to her, a career in the entertainment industry comes with its own challenges which negative news is a part of so any entertainer who is not talked about in the negative light has not “reached there yet in their career”.

She indicated that at the start of her career, she always got worried whenever there were false stories about her but she has developed a thick skin for such stories.

“Before I used to get worried when people say negative stuff about me because when it happens I think about how my mother will take it. Things like that affect her,” she expressed.

She added that “Again, I think about it, when I know the things they are talking about is not true. But this time I see it as if it is part of the career. If you don’t get to that point where people will talk about you, it means you are not there yet”.

By Deborah Kotei

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