TRUE? Ghana Music Industry Is Filled With Nepotistic Players – Nero X

Nero X

Ghanaian Highlife artiste Joseph Nkrumah Boabeng affectionately known as Nero X has lashed out some players of the music industry saying “there is too much nepotism in the industry”.

According to him, his comment is not intended to discourage upcoming artistes but insisted the issue need to be addressed.

“This is not to discourage our upcoming artistes but then it somehow goes to the level of favoritism, to the level of nepotism and if I should say, to whom you know kind of thing.” He told Sikka FM in an interview monitored by

The Takoradi- based musician explained that organizers of the major show across the country get in touch with those they think they are comfortable with and get them to headline such events.

“Sometimes the major people who headline or who organize events get those who they think they are comfortable with and they put them on. Instead of paying you who is also capable of pooling crowd and whatever”, he noted.

Nero X making his grievances known noted that such behavior of event organizers is not the best to grow music in Ghana.

This might be the reason behind his call for musicians to pay payola as a way of showing appreciation to DJs.

Nero X has recently urged musicians to pay “payola” as a way of showing appreciation to DJs. Though some musicians have said paying of “Payola” cost them, Nero X insists it a good practice to encourage DJs.

“I am the industry itself, I don’t have any industry I belong No …… even though there is Ghana music industry.”

Nero further urged new artistes to work hard and organize their own shows as the industry is filled with nepotism. Adding those new artistes must learn to beg big men in the industry to be able to climb to the top.

Nero X has currently launched a campaign against the abuse of drugs among the youths most especially “Tramadol”.

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