TOTAL FLOP! Sponsors For Ebony’s 1 Year Anniversary Regret It

Mr. Afotey Mensah, one of the managers of Liberty Industries Ventures, producers of popular alcoholic beverage Kpoo Keke has disclosed in an exclusive chat with Zionfelix on the ‘Uncut’ show that the company has bitterly regretted that they had any form of association with the recently organized Ebony One Year Anniversary because it was a total flop.

According to Mr. Afotey, when members of the planning committee for the concert approached them prior to the concert which took place on March 9, 2019, at the West Hills Mall, they were a little skeptical to support the show because they had some concerns because of the issues that had to do with celebrities which popped up in the media space after Ebony’s funeral last year.

He revealed that the committee, however, assured them that all those concerns were addressed only for them to realize on the day of the concert that it was a very big lie they were told.

Mr. Afotey Mensah also told Zionfelix that they again realized that the sizeable amount they gave to the committee to put into the publicity and planning of the concert was not used at all.

He stressed that they as a company were very shocked that with even a few days to the concert, little was seen of it in terms of publicity on social media and many blogs, even though they had given the committee money for that.

He stated exclusively on the ‘Uncut’ show that they are already in talks with the planning committee to get a refund of their money and that if they fail to pay them, they will proceed to court.

Check out the video of Mr. Afotey Mensah making this revelation on the ‘Uncut’ show below:

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