Top 10 Under-Rated Artistes In Ghana

The music industry and show business in general, is an interesting and confusing field of endeavour. Some with talent hit the top with just one hit song; some others with no talent are also able to generate hit songs while some, with abundant talent have floundered to get to the top. There are many artistes in Ghana who surely do possess the talent, continuously produce good songs but for some industry-related reasons, they still struggle to get radio rotation, get the relevant gigs, and make the headlines. These hapless acts are simply under-rated and still knock on the doors of greatness. Arguably, these are the Top 10 artistes, in numerical order, who are not getting their deserved ‘shine’ in the industry:

1. Nana Yaa

Renowned for her role as Koko Antwi’s famous side kick, Nana Yaa’s powerful voice has adorned hit songs like ‘Emirika’, ‘Do Me Wu’ and ‘Dofa’ and many others but unfortunately, she still hasn’t got the deserved attention as a solo artiste.

2. Chase
The likes of Ded Buddy did chart the genre of Ghanaian R&B in Ghana, but nobody is doing it better like Chase Forever. With some hit songs and quality videos plus some awards to gloat about, he still lacks that prominence to shoot him to the echelons of Ghana music. No wonder, he named his album ‘Unappreciated’.

3. Flow King Stone


His talent as a good rapper was evident in his time with Bradez but he was never tagged as one of the best rappers in town. Even as he attempts a solo career, where he is dropping some ear-shattering bars, he’s still underrated.

4. Kesse
With the that level of exposure and experience within the industry, Kesse deserves to be highly talked-about amongst the top artistes in Ghana but lack of radio play, lack of major gigs and lack of mention is making him look like another contestant in ‘TV3 Mentor’.

5. C-Real
This hardworking lad has gone through rap battles to doing mix tapes to churning out albums independently. He is regarded by connoisseurs as one Ghana’s hip hop gems; yet, he still languishes in the shadows of a few headlining hip hop acts in Ghana.

6. Yaa Yaa
The ‘Stars of the Future’ Alum is indisputably talented but; regardless of her good singles, catchy covers and all; she is still denied equal ‘shine’ as enjoyed by the likes of Efya, Irene Logan and Rachel.

7. X.O. Senavoe
X.O. is another fine rapper who has remained on the low for a minute and this year, he decided to make himself heard with the release of impressive singles and music videos; however, he still ‘begs’ for critical attention.

8. Nii Soul
nii soul
It must be frustrating for this overly talented musician with such exemplary writing skills and silky voice to match. He was heavily overlooked while in the secular sector and now in the gospel fraternity, he still, somehow labours to attain major attention.

9. Kumi Guitar


Such a bright talent and touted as the future of highlife, but little attention is paid to Kumi and his music. Yes, his name was on the lips of everybody a year ago because of some Ghana Music Awards controversy but his talent surely deserves the same kind of talk.

10. Francis Amo
This ebullient character is a ‘beast’ on stage. His singing prowess and stagecraft are epic and he has opened the stage as opening act for almost every known gospel artiste in Ghana; but sadly, he is yet to garner the very well-deserved attention. Perhaps, his maiden album, ‘Ngooba’ will do the trick.

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