THEY DO! Negative Stories Affect Me – Bisa KDei

Every entertainer is subject to news, positive and negative – and how they take such news have such long-lasting effects on their careers and Ghanaian highlife artiste, Bisa KDei has over the years been subject to lots of negative publications and he feels them!

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Monday and reported by,  Bisa Kdei stated, “negative stories affect my relationship with my fans all the time, so there is no way I would pay someone to publish such a story.”

His comments come after he was accused by blogger David Mawuli, in March, he deliberately had his “fake” arrest story in the United States published to push attention of Ghanaians on him and his works.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz, the blogger alleged that the story was fake and was schemed to create a hype around the artiste who had been out of favour from the public for a while.

He stated that, although there was a miscommunication between him and his management on the account of what ensued at the scene, there was no deliberate action to create a buzz for him. According to him, his management had misinterpreted the video he had posted on Snapchat after he was asked by the police to leave the neighbourhood he was shooting his music video in.

Bisa Kdei explained, his team concerned for him and worried about the news the media would twist out of his post on Snapchat, released a statement first.

He added, “when I saw the news circulating, I called my management to really explain what had happened.”

The ‘Mansa’ hitmaker said he was unaware they could not shoot at the venue, “we paid the director for everything and went ahead with his plans.” Bisa Kdei revealed the people in the neighbourhood may not have been too thrilled to have some people disturbed them hence they called the police.

“I posted the video I took on Snapchat just to make fun of myself,” he added.

The ‘Brother Brother’ told Andy Dosty, host of the show bloggers on their own added photos of a man arrested and handcuffed by the police “but the man in those photos was not me.” Bisa Kdei added he would not pay for negative stories about him to be published to boost his career as David Mawuli claimed. That will only push back the efforts he has made so far.

“I always have to come out to explain to my fans, my side of the story, just to mend the relationship with them,” he added.

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